10 things about Switzerland. The Last one Will Give You Chills

Rare facts about SwitzerlandDo you love the Alps, the cable cars, the watches and chocolates? Well there is so much more to know about Switzerland!

  • Switzerland has 208 mountains that are more than 3,000 meters high. 24 of these are higher than 4,000 meters.
  • If you were surprised that Switzerland is big enough for 208 mountains, then imagine plains with palm trees surrounding Lake Lugano.
  • Did you know that Switzerland doesn’t really bother about gun control? Do people go around shooting randomly? No, their crime rate is one of the least in the world.
  • Be rich or get a speeding ticket. If you do both then you will pay a heavy Swiss speeding fine, as speeding fines are directly proportionate to your income.
  • Ever heard of a direct democracy? If you are a Swiss citizen you can dispute any law and propose any amendment to the constitution. You don’t need a seat in the parliament.
  • Democracy at its best, Switzerland has a 7-member council instead of one head of the state.
  • Geneva has a colossal three legged chair to symbolize its opposition of landmines.
  • Every part of a Swiss Army Knife except the corkscrew is made in Switzerland. It is one of those indispensable products that you should carry with you.
  • The Swiss are well prepared for war as much they prepared for fun. If they faced by nuclear seize then there are enough bunkers to house the entire population. And their highways can be converted into landing strips by only removing or re-arranging the dividers.
  • Impressed by the country? Then, here is the creepiest fact. Geneva has a 500 year old statue of man eating a bag of babies.

If you ignore that strange statue, Switzerland is like paradise. You can go visit, study or settle in this wonderful country.

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