Month: June 2016

Gothic Splendor – The Prague Castle

The Czech Republic, one of the lesser known countries is magical with castles and landscapes that are awe-inspiring. One of the most legendary castles is the [...]

Study in Italy – Why Not

Most of you are planning to study further either in Management or Engineering and Technology. Sometimes trying for universities in mainstream countries proves [...]

How Do You Land a Job in France

France is mesmerizing, isn't it? The boulevards, the museum, the fashion, the history the list goes on. Did you ever wonder if you could work in France? Well, [...]

Join your Relatives in South Africa

The southern most part of the African continent, South Africa is nothing like you imagined. From the latest technology to serene nature, from splendid wildlife [...]

US Cities You Should Not Work In – ” You May NEVER Want To Quit “

Want to work in United State of America ? Trying to pick out cities? Here is a list of the best of cities to work in that you may never want to leave. San [...]

Study in Greece? Are You Sure?

Do you know who Socrates, Aristotle and Pythagoras are?  (These are only a few names from the top of my head) Do you know why they are famous? Philosophy, [...]

Tips to Juggle Work and Study

Study in Australia for Higher Education
In most countries abroad, education is expensive. You need to work and study. Australia is no different. If you are not used to juggling both, then there is a [...]

Monuments of Awe – Italian Architecture

Italy Visit Visa
If you love historical monuments and architecture, then you must visit Italy.  It is the abode of the most magnificent structures ever built. Between the [...]
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