Month: July 2016

Denmark Study Visa for PhD and Research

According to a research Denmark is ranked among the world’s top six countries where there are ideal conditions for PhD Studies in regards with R&D [...]

Canada Will Go the Extra Mile

What do Jim Carrey, Bryan Adams, Ryan Reynolds, Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette have in common? They all come from the maple leaf country of Canada. Canada [...]

Sikh Saves Drowning Girl in Canada

Would you hold on to your religious sentiment or break it to save someone? How would you feel when your Prime Minister recognizes your action and applauds you [...]

H1-B Visa Initiative of Babson College

While Trump does not favor immigration, one private college emerged to change people’s views. Everyone is worried about Asians taking the jobs of Americans, [...]

Hues of Crimson and Brown: Visit Prague in Autumn

"When the leaves turn brown and red And the sweet summer has fled The golden glow encompasses all You know it is the season of the fall." That [...]

Sigmund Freud University – Austria

Does it sound strange if I suggest studying Psychotherapy in Austria? Well, which could be better than the country where the Father of Psychology was born, [...]

Celebrate Uncle Sam! It is the Fourth of July

Streets of red, white and blue, huge balloons of Uncle Sam are all in remembrance of July 4, 1776. It is the day they got their freedom from the British reign [...]

10 things about Switzerland. The Last one Will Give You Chills

Do you love the Alps, the cable cars, the watches and chocolates? Well there is so much more to know about Switzerland! Switzerland has 208 mountains [...]
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