Month: December 2016

Eligibility to the Federal Skilled Workers Program Available in Canada

The federal skilled workers' program was established so as to provide an efficient way of enabling foreign citizens with specialized skills to apply for [...]

How to Apply and Get a UK EEA Family Permit when Travelling to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom European Economic Area (EEA) permit is provided to individuals who are living outside the EEA area or a family member of an individual who [...]

The Process of Immigrating to Austria and Eligibility of Applicants

First-time applicants are allowed to apply for residence in Austria only if the individual is living abroad and can make the application in person. In the [...]

Biggest Challenges Experienced with Migrating to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best countries to live in for people migrating and looking for new challenges in life. However, Switzerland offers a number of [...]

How to get a Visit Visa or Permission to Remain when Travelling to Ireland

A visit visa is required whenever a foreigner who is a non-EEA resident and not a citizen of Switzerland wishes to travel to Ireland and may want to stay in [...]

Applying for a Visitor Visa when Traveling to Hong Kong

Any individual that does not enjoy the benefits of a visa waiver when travelling to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has to apply for a [...]
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