5 Important Steps to Start Your Job Search in Canada

5 Important Steps to Start Your Job Search in CanadaMigrating to a new country and searching for employment is very complicated and it is essential to be prepared to face the subsequent challenges. Though Canada is considered as a land of opportunities, sometimes it is hard to find a job that you are aspiring for, in a quick time. Even though highly-skilled immigrants are facing difficulties to find a job, the reports illustrate that the immigration levels are continuously increasing. So, it is advised for new aspirants to be strong enough to face new challenges during their job search.

Have a glance at these 5 important steps before you start your Canadian job search, such that you can come to know about difficulties involved and you can take a decision to relocate to Canada:

  • Plan for Alternatives

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right job within the right time, though you are skilled enough for the position. Hence, you must be prepared with alternative career choices to make sure you continue your journey in the country for success.

You can use the available resources for alternative choices, such as online assessment tools that include Career Cruising, Global Experience Ontario, etc. Which will help you to find alternative career options. You must be aware of pre-arrival employment assistance provided by several provinces including the federal government which will help you to fulfill your dreams in achieving the desired job.

  • Using Professional-Social Network Services

You should be able to market and promote yourself by showcasing your profile with the skill set, experience, educational qualifications, etc. Using employment and business-oriented social networking services such as LinkedIn. Building your professional connections with local employers, recruiters will increase your employment chances.

  • Make use of all resources to find your ideal job

It is difficult to find your dream job if you search for a job by solely depending on job ads. Make sure that you properly utilize all the resources such as social networking sites, professionals, friends, classmates, recruiting consultants, coaching centers, company websites, etc. for an effective job search.

  • Take advantage of Bridging Programs, Expert Guidance and Mentoring Services

There are several services which can help you to obtain a dream profession as soon as possible. The bridging programs are designed to license or certify you, in regulated and non-regulated professions. The expert guidance and mentoring services can offer career advice, establish a connection between you and recognized professionals in your industry, who can help you to get the desired job.

  • Customize your Resume to fulfill Employer Expectations

A resume is the first thing which makes an impression about you to the employer. So, you must consider customizing your resume based on the employer’s expectations. If you find any job ad or job posting, then before applying for the job, you must go through the job description. Based on the requirements of the position, create a cover letter and a resume highlighting the skills, educational qualifications, work experience, etc. you have that match the required position. This way, you impress the employer with your resume and increase your chances to land an opportunity to attend the interview where you can perform your best to get the particular job.

A Canadian government-funded organization, ‘Prepcan’ offers free online pre-employment services to the Canada PR visa holders prior to coming to Canada.

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