Germany is a beautiful country and also has a global presence. Its economy is the wealthiest in Europe and also enjoys the fifth largest spot in the world. Moreover, it offers free education to local residents and supports a strong market for jobs (Germany Job Seeker Visa). There is a wide prevalence of high-paying positions in several industries. It is an appealing country for living and working. Moreover, it attracts the attention of youths and skilled professionals from across the world. We present all the relevant facts regarding Germany job seeker visa here.   1 REASON TO APPLY FOR A JOB SEEKER VISA Germany has a flourishing economy but also has a shortage of skilled workers in various sectors/industries. There is a huge demand for technical professionals, engineers, IT specialists, and Health Specialists. A job seeker visa permits a stay in Germany for six months and the person can look for a job by using the Long-Term Residency Permit. This visa immediately does not give a license to work. It is a short-term permit entitling a person to visit the country and search a job in six months. After ending of six months, you get a Germany Work Visa or a Permit in case you get a job successfully. This grants protection to live because you work in the country. In case of failure returning to the country of origin is the only option.   2 -ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY FOR A JOB SEEKER VISA There is no test based on points to get the German Job Seeker Visa. The eligibility norms are:

  1. a) Bachelor/Master’s Degree from a German or equivalent foreign university
  2. b) Five years of relevant experience in a field of study
  3. c) Financial evidence for covering living expenses in the stay in Germany
  4. d) Travel Insurance Medical Insurance for the entire stay in Germany
  5. e) 16 years of regular education
  6. f) Proficiency in English and a basic command in the German language
  3- DOCUMENTS TO PREPARE FOR SUPPORTING ELIGIBILITY After confirming eligibility, prepare these documents and attach them to the application. There must be a checklist for avoiding rejection of the application. Please secure all of them before you apply.
  1. Valid passport having a12 month’s validity
  2. Copy of passport details page
  3. 3 passport photographs as per biometric specifications
  4. A covering/motivation letter containing these points:
  • Purpose of seeking a job Plans to seek a job
  • The time necessary to get a job
  • Information regarding job application during the stay
  • Back up plans if job search is unsuccessful.
  1. Diploma/degree or proof of academic qualification besides certificates from previous work experience.
  2. CV showing requisite details
  3. Proof of accommodation
  4. Evidence of financial capacity for covering living costs while in Germany:
  • Verpflichtungserklärung (formal obligation letter) of the German sponsor
  • Bank statement,
  1. Proof of personal status in your home country is also necessary, Birth certificate and Marriage certificate with an English translation
  2. Copy of health insurance
  3. Liquid cash Minimum 3.5 lakhs
  4. Reference Letters
  5. Finally, Evidence of personal status, through a marriage or birth certificate
  SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION Fill up the form for visa provided by German Embassy. Moreover, after submitting the form, you are put on a schedule for an interview.   VALID REASONS TO APPLY FOR A JOB SEEKER VISA 1) Long-term residence-permit for 6 months allowing looking for a job 2) Providing opportunities for an interview and getting a suitable employment 3) Employment Visa sponsorship 4) Visa validity depends on the employer 5) A quick visa decision, 6) Permanent residence-permit on completing 33 months for EU Blue Card holders or after 21 months when a candidate proves B1 level of CEFR language skills The possibility to get a Germany job seeker visa depends on your documents, background, application form, and facing the interview.   CONCLUSION Start building your dreams after careful planning of activities, and following the necessary steps Also, prepare for a comprehensive application, the 7% unemployment rate in Germany assures several opportunities for progress and career growth.

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