Applying for a Visitor Visa when Traveling to Hong Kong

Applying for a Visitor Visa when Traveling to Hong KongAny individual that does not enjoy the benefits of a visa waiver when travelling to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has to apply for a visitor visa before travelling to the region.

For the applicant to be eligible for this visit visa, then he/she has to be able to cover the costs of the stay in the region without having to work and his/her intentions have to be clear, have a valid passport, have no criminal record, have no security or criminal concern to Hong Kong and be sincere about his/her intentions from the onset. Therefore, individuals who don’t have the right to land in the region require an entry visa to stay in Hong Kong before the time allowed for such stay elapses.

The visit visa is usually processed within four weeks after all the necessary documents have been received by the immigration department. The documents required include a duly filled application form, a recent photograph of the applicant, a copy of the applicant’s valid passport, proof of financial stability that may include bank statements or proof of employment, proof of transport arrangements and itinerary once in the region and a photocopy of the proof of the proposed visit to Hong Kong.

The application fee should also be made with the application to enable its processing. Any instances of false information or representations to the immigration officers are considered as a serious crime and the applicant will have committed an offence under the laws of Hong Kong and any permit that may have been offered is immediately revoked.

Once the application is received by the immigration department, an acknowledgment is sent to the applicant after which he/she is able to track the progress of the application through dedicated phone lines. Once the application is accepted, the applicant has to collect the visit visa at the appropriate consular office as will be directed further. Once the individual receives the visit visa, he /she is bound to a number of conditions that govern the stay in Hong Kong.

Firstly, the individual should agree not to accept any form of employment opportunity presented to him/her whether paid or not. Additionally, the individual should also desist from forming any business or joining a business during his stay and finally, he/she is not allowed to become a student in any educational institution that is located in Hong Kong. Any violation of the above conditions will lead to revoking of the visa.

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