Australia gives relief to migrants who intend to sponsor their parents

Background Migrants settled in Australia have welcomed the information issued by the government that it is going to remove the changes announced earlier. They had the aim to double the requirement of income for sponsoring the parent visa. The government gave a shock to migrants in April last which increased the earning threshold in the Assurance of Support Scheme. This had put a stress on the migrant families to earn more in case they wished to sponsor the visa applications of their relatives. Clause The requirement was that a couple residing in Australia, who intended to support their parents financially to migrate, had in combination, to earn $115,475 annually. The limit for a single person was $86,606 annually. Furthermore, now the government has withdrawn this controversial change in visa sponsorship. Moreover, Sources claim and confirm that the government will disengage with the present regulation. It did not like facing defeat in the Parliament over this issue. Result of community cooperation This is the result of cooperation among the community members of India and China to protest against the proposed changes. Members of Long Stay Visa For Parents committee. Furthermore, this is a big relief and the Indian community has warmly welcomed this news. It is also great victory for migrant communities of the country. The Chinese community members worked hard to achieve this. Many affected families, in thousands, who had already applied for parents PR will feel less impact now. The future In case Australia intends to project itself as a society which believes in equality and varied cultures, the government, must stop the policy of discrimination against new communities. Some experts feel that these changes were not only discriminatory but also racist. The aim was to polarize votes. It is a fact that all Migrants are equal and moreover, they a great contribution to Australia. The government intends to reassess the situation of migrants who have applied after the changes of April.

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