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Beauty of France – Visitor Visa

France – the dreamy land of love has so much for you to see and so much to do. Explore this elegant country that offers you nature, food and art. Whether it is a romantic evening or a adventure sports, France has it all.

Here are a few things you can do in France.

History comes alive

Visit the Louvre Museum to experience man made beauty like you’ve never seen. This museum is a vault of stories which come alive in every piece of art and sculpture.

Adventure on the Alps

If you like snow and adventure, you must explore the snow capped mountains of the Alps for skiing, snowboarding . From ski resorts to chalets you can choose the kind of experience you would like to have.

Pop the Champagne

Sure France lists in the top most wine and champagne countries. Travel to Champagne or Bordeaux and go champagne tasting as well as a vast variety of wine.

Bring out the Archeologist

If you are a fan of prehistoric art or culture, visit the Lascaux cave. The marvelous cave art takes you far back in time.

Food Lover’s Paradise

From exotic food to the authentic bistros, France has it all. Try the escargot or snails and caviar or fish eggs for an exotic experience and croissants, quiche and so many other mouthwatering French dishes that you must try.

Now that we have tempted you successfully, here is how you can reach France.

France is part of the European Union and falls under the Schengen Scheme. You can apply for the Schengen Visitor Visa that has a validity of 90 days. All you require is an eligible passport, travel tickets, enough funds for travel and stay and the accommodation details.

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