Canada ImmigrationImmigration authorities in Canada announced a plan regarding investing $113 million to improve pre-arrival services for fresh arrivals. The aim here is to help the Canada immigration become easier. The applicant and the family, will not face a problem, have some language training, and can avail services to find jobs, housing. Additionally they can get settlement information. The services are specific for the newcomers in Canada. Canadian Immigration Investment Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration- Canada announced that there is a budget for $1 billion CAD for newcomer services. There was an announcement of investment of $113 million in January. Furthermore these services provide support and training to make immigration easier. Canada has a plan to welcome 1.3 million immigrants into by 2021.  Moreover there is a need to invest money to help the newcomers for starting their life. The Minister added, that there is a belief to equip newcomers to succeed at a fast pace integrate well. Furthermore, after settling in Canada, it will be easy for them to start the process of growing the economy. Furthermore after proper support from the government, immigrants can earn a salary that is better than the national average of Canadians. Details of Canadian Newcomer Services Newcomer Services have the government support and are free and confidential. Irrespective of the place in Canada, these services will reach locally. Arriving in Canada is a great experience, and there is a new and diverse culture, with different surroundings and a new climate. The details of the services are: AEIP Pre- Services for Arrival Settlement   This provides help to newcomers to move to Canada by offering some tailored settlement/employment information. Build On: Pre-Arrival Trades in Ontario       The aim of this service is to offer help to newcomers in finding a job in Canada’s skilled trades. Canada Info-Net The service provides information on employment and also offers specialized preparation to get an employment. Canadian Employment Connections This has the aim to Help the professionals in finding jobs in the engineering, IT, sales, finance, human resources marketing, and also in supply chain domains. Canadian Immigrant Integration program This service offers an orientation session and a planning session and helps family and economic class immigrants in Canadian immigration. It also considers the unique background, besides province and referrals to programs which offer pre-departure help. Canadian Orientation Abroad This service helps in the settlement of refugees in Canada. Francophone Pre-arrival settlement services The aim of this service is to provide settlement information to newcomers Speaking French. GO Talent Canada       Newcomers get access to information relevant to the communications technology. Integrating Newcomers The aim of this service is to provide help to people in finding a job in construction in British Columbia. Next stop Canada This provides settlement services in the Greater Toronto area. Pre-Arrival Supports and Services The aim of this service is to provide help to qualified nurses in linking up with practices, processes, institutions, and also regulatory bodies in their sector. Settlement Online services Pre-Arrival The aim of this service is to develop job search skills and cultural communication in a workplace. It hosts virtual job fairs with possible employers for newcomers Speaking French and also to bilingual speakers. Huge Budget for Language Training Speaking either English or French is essential to succeed in Canada. 36% of Immigration’s budget in Canada is allocated for improving the language proficiency of newcomers. This also helps to find a job easily and also interaction with community/government. Please contact local Canadian newcomer services after arriving in Canada. Please Contact Us.

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