Canada Permanent Residence through Express Entry systemIn 2019 Canada has a plan to invite 81,400 immigrants for Canada Permanent Residence through its Express Entry system. There is also an increase of 6, 500 in comparison to the quota of 2018. It is probable to issue more Invitations to Apply than the target of 81, 400.  Furthermore, the Express Entry system has a fast processing time and is ideal for seeking permanent residence in Canada. Already Canada has invited 14, 500 candidates in Four draws in this system during the present year. Canadian Express Entry in 2019 2019 is different from the previous years and will serve as a record in the future. There were three draws held in January 2019. There was a substantial decline (11 points) in the CRS scores during January. In February there was a single draw on February 20. There was stiff competition among the candidates in the pool which pushed the minimum CRS score to 457. Additionally, during 2019 we can see an even lower decline in CRS scores. There will be more frequent draws to meet the allocation. With a decline in CRS scores, 2019 will be an easy year to migrate to Canada. Express Entry serves Canada Canada has an aging population, making its workforce difficult to operate at a great capacity. The government has adopted the most liberal approach in immigration with a hope that overseas laborers will continue successfully to grow its economy. The Express Entry is a solution to the problem of red tape preventing the arrival of right candidates. It commenced operations in 2015 for expediting the application process. It has the aim to attract applicants who are rich in their skills.  They must have suitable work experience necessary for the country. It manages a pool of candidates for programs of economic immigration. These are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • Federal Trades Class and finally,
  • Canadian Experience class
A candidate has to qualify for any of these immigration programs to enter his/her application in the processing stage. The selected Candidates for PR through this system have a small processing time of just six months. Applying for Express Entry
  • Qualify for one Federal economic program.
  • Meet the requirements
  • Submit your application, by creating an online Express Entry profile.
  • Also answer questions regarding personal/professional background, age, language ability, work experience, qualifications, adaptability to Canada life and some more aspects.
  • The profile also gets a CRS score out of 1,200 depending on the answers.
  • After this, the profile enters a pool of candidates where it gets a ranking through the CRS score in comparison to other profiles.
  • Finally, the Candidates with a top CRS score receive the invitations-to-apply seeking the Canadian permanent residence through regular draws held every fortnight.
On receiving the ITA, you also get 60 days for completing the PR application. To have a fair chance of obtaining the ITA, have a high CRS score. Please Contact Us.

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