Celebrate Canada on 1st July

Celebrate Canada on 1st JulyIt is the 1st of July. Canada is up and alive! Do you know why? It is Canada’s National Day – commemorating the day Canadian Constitution Act came into existence 149 years ago.

If you do not want to look like a silly tourist on this day, here’s a guide to how Canada celebrates this day each year.

When in Canada, dress like Canadians

What is the symbol of Canada? It is the Maple Leaf. People wear anything and everything with a maple leaf on it. It could be a tee or shorts or even a hat! Some get very creative by getting temporary maple leaf tattoos or even dye their hair with a design of the red maple leaf. Some like it simple and wear pins or buttons with the Canadian flag.

Stick to red and white on this day and you will blend in perfectly.

Parades! Parades! And more parades!

Painted faces, magicians and juggles, marching bands, dancers, carnival floats and a lot of food – every city and town’s streets are filled with them on this day. A galore of red and white, these parades are a spectacular sight.

Get your face painted, join the dancers, enjoy the street food and treasure every moment you spend on this beautiful day.

What is a party without a barbeque!

Join your friends for a cookout. Nothing can beat an open-air grill on a crispy summer evening. From hot-dogs, beaver-shaped cupcakes, steaks to fluffy pancakes with maple syrup – there is food for all your taste buds.

Go out with a bang!

Celebrations have to end with fireworks. Watching the night sky light up is such a heavenly experience.

This is how Canada celebrates its National Day. On this day, the people of Canada remember how far they have grown as a nation and respect their forefathers who paved the way for what the nation is today.

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