The EB-5 visa program is an ideal choice to study abroad as it contains remarkable features. Indians look to the USA for a better future and pursue F1 and H1-B visa offers. The EB-5 Program for Immigrant Investors has started to attract several Indians. Through it an immigrant has a chance to invest USD 500,000 in a fresh USA business, and after it is established that the capital had a legal source and the business was able to generate 10 full-time jobs, the investing individual is in a position to get a green card for himself/herself, and also for the their family members, in which the spouse, as well as children, below 21 years of age, are included.

The benefits from EB-5 Visa program pertaining to international students are:

  • Fast Adjudication Process

At present, the EB-2/3 visas take a time of nearly 12 years but the EB-5 program has a better finalization time and an EB-5 applicant, is in a position, to receive the green card, in a time frame, between19 and 24 months. It has a high approval rate of 90%. This allows the applicant to proceed to various education and career opportunities.

  • Potential For Employment

The card holders’ (non-green) face several challenges making the job search difficult. After graduation, an international student who had arrived on an F-1 visa barely has three months for finding a job and register the name in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If he/she is unable to get employed in the given period the only option left is to quit the USA.

There is a requirement stipulating the international students, to pursue jobs in the field of their study only. This reduces the options and also leads to more competition. Nowadays fewer companies come forward in sponsoring the H-1B Visa. Some employers filter applications requiring sponsorship and eliminate the candidates in the beginning itself. When the EB-5 visa is held, the student-applicants for jobs, after completing graduation, are treated in a similar manner as USA residents. This reduces their difficulties and allows them to opt for a great career.

  • Better Acceptability

At present, there are one million international students pursuing a great career in American universities. There is a severe competition for getting accepted. By Being a USA resident the acceptance rates in the school or university increase considerably, facilitating better choices to choose a place to seek education.

When a green card gained through the EB-5 Visa Program is held, investors and their family are regarded as USA residents while applying to American colleges/universities, making the passage easy.

  • Merit-based Benefits and Lower Tuition Rates

There is another advantage as the EB-5 green card holders stand a chance, to qualify for benefits based on merit, which is meant for USA citizens only. They can pay reduced tuition rates at the universities. They can be eligible for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and other financial help services, which are not otherwise available to them.

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