EU - The next destination for Indian Students

EU the nest destination for indian studentsStudents from India have found a new destination in the European Union to pursue their education as there are a notable number of courses and associated costs with the advantage of English as the chosen language of receiving the education.

Germany and France have registered an increase among the Indian students in the higher education institutions located in their country. Likewise, efforts are also being put in by Lithuania and Poland to facilitate an increased number of Indian students, at their campuses as per the sources.

The French Ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler stated that the initial six months of the present year, witnessed an impressive growth, of 40 per cent in the number of Indian students, who desired to pursue their future studies in France when compared to last year.

The United Kingdom continues to be a top study destination in Europe for international students, but Germany was in close pursuit to be popular. A spokesperson for The German Academic Exchange Service elaborated that, Germany was preferred, as an academic destination, in the recent years, owing to reduced tuition rates, easily available masters programs, based in English, and attractive scholarships and financial support offered by the establishment. There was a marked improvement in the post-study work rights meant for Indian students.

Details revealed by the Institute of International Education, highlight that, India ranks second in sending a high number of students overseas. Indian families are on the lookout for better avenues apart from the United Kingdom and the USA. The European universities have charted a program to increase the variety of courses to be taught in English, and some non-English speaking countries like Bulgaria have also expressed their interest in Indians.

Poland has come out with several measures exclusively for Indian students and recently Lithuania too has undertaken an exercise to enroll Indian students for studying in the country. A large number of European companies have expansion plans for India and the world, which in turn would generate employment avenues for Indians who complete their education in EU, as per Thibault Devanlay, a counselor in the EU delegation to India. There is an Erasmus exchange program, which gives the choice to the Indian students, to pursue academic excellence, in a joint masters’ degree in multiple countries in EU, with the help of a financial support. The statistics hold a contrast to the report published recently by the Association of Indian Universities stating that Indian universities were not in a position to receive interest from abroad, which had resulted in a drop in the decline in enrolments.

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