Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry draw # 81 was announced on January 10, 2018, and the CRS dropped to 446. For the first time in the history of EE, IRCC starts 2018 with a record low cut-off score for a first draw of the year. A total of 2750 ITA’s were issued in this draw. Canada is a top-notch immigration destination that allures the number of immigrants from all over the world to migrate to Canada. Every year, a record number of immigrants prefer Canada immigration under the skilled immigration programs. To facilitate the Canada immigration process more efficient and faster and to meet the country's future labor needs the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that the long-awaited Canada expression of interest program i.e. express entry system will be launched in January 2015. The new program, Express Entry is exciting, for skilled workers across the globe who are fascinated in immigrating to Canada. The launch of the new program makes several significant amendments to the Canada immigration process which includes faster visa processing times, greater convenience to applicants from various fields and better concentration on quality applicants. What is Canada Express Entry system? Basically, the expression of interest program is an immigration program where an individual need to submit the relevant credentials related to the education, qualifications, work experience and others that provide a clear explanation of their curiosity in working and residing in a destined country for quick visa processing. The newly announced Canada Express Entry Immigration Program is influenced by an equivalent model, which was initially developed in New Zealand and freshly accepted by Australia. Canada Express Entry Visa Scheme is alike to applying for a job through one huge central organization in Canada, which later presents applicant's certificates and resume to smaller organizations such as Canadian employers or provinces. Canada Express Entry Process Under the Canada express entry immigration program, after the submission of individual application, the details of the applicants will be stored in a database of candidates for assessing their skills by a selector. Immigration to Canada under the express entry system is a step by step procedure. The complete Canada Express Entry Process undergoes five steps such as:

  • Initially, all the latent aspirants create an Express Entry profile through an online platform that recognizes skills and qualifications of the applicants. The applicants will be ranked based on their personal and professional aspects.
  • Applicants with no valid job offer need to enroll themselves in the recently upgraded Canada Job Bank. This job bank enables people to post their certificates so that the Canadian employer who seeks skilled employees can get the required skilled employee for the available vacant position.
  • After assessing each profile in the system selected candidates will be placed in the pool of Canada express entry immigration program.
  • If the candidate's application is selected by means of Job Bank, an invitation to apply is granted stating 60 days period for candidate applying for permanent residence.
  • Then the successfully selected candidates can apply for permanent residence under the federal skilled worker program (FSWP), provincial nomination program (PNP) and Canadian experience class (CEC).
After an applicant receives the invitation to apply (ITA), Citizenship and Immigration Canada has steadfast to process the visa applications within a period of six months or less. The significance of Canada Express Entry Immigration Program: Canada express entry immigration program is a simple pathway to migrate to Canada under the skilled immigration category. Under this system, all the individuals are eligible to apply for an existing Canadian immigration program, irrespective of their occupation. Contrasting the restrictive FSW program, the new Canada express entry visa scheme enables people from all professions to apply for permanent residence without any cap of available occupations list. Unlike, other Canada immigration programs, including the FSW program, the new express entry system does not include any application caps. Applicants can apply for Canada Express Entry Visa system at any time without a fear that the system will be closed or filled up before their application is finished. Benefits of Canada Express Entry Immigration Program:              
  • No cap on number of applications to apply for PR
  • Applicants can focus and highlight on their impressive credentials
  • No specific occupations list
  • Applicants have the liberty to include all the qualifications that they feel are most pertinent to their application.
  • Applicants can apply for Canada Express Entry system at any time
The specialty of Canada Express Entry: Under the Canada Express Entry system, a limitless number of applicants can apply and the quality plays a significant role when compared to the present minimum requirement, first come first served. Moreover, applications will be selected based on the labor market demands, which means that the application submitted first will not always have a benefit over an improved application that is submitted months later

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