Far Reaching Job Match Service For Temporary Foreign Workers

With the introduction of a new rating system which matches job positions to the job aspirants, a fresh approach is being adopted. Since August 28th the employers who intend to hire under The Field Worker Program are mandated to use this new system.

Through this, they will be in a position to invite potential professionals who are in harmony with a specific compatibility criterion, with the job being posted, and can apply for the advertised position.

The Canadian government has coined this as a Job-Match, and all the future employers can have access to this service in an easy manner in the Canada Job Bank, through the personal dashboard.

This feature when introduced will impact both the high as well as low-wage applications which figure in the Labour Market Impact Assessment. Employers who wish to hire through this Program must obtain a positive Impact Assessment data prior to hiring a foreign worker. When the Labour Market Impact Assessment is issued it is a sufficient proof that Canadian citizens or PRs were not available or ready, or willing, to carry out these jobs.

Labour Market Impact Assessment is not mandatory for all foreign workers, and the entire hiring process of foreign workers is not conducted through the Field Worker Program. Other LMIA-exempt hiring are also managed in the International Mobility Program, which covers broad categorization and has the initiatives like the Intra- Company Transfer Program, the International Experience Canada Program, and also the NAFTA recruitments.

LMIA comes with a few conditions regarding the advertising for the employers. They must follow them before applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

From 28th August the employers of all provinces and territories must first advertise on the Job Bank and then opt for two or more methods to complete the recruitment process. These must consider the position of the occupation listed. There are both, high as well as low-wage positions, which are different, depending on the classification and category of the position.

A few Jobs where the pay of the employee is less than the provincial median wage for the given occupation are regarded as low-wage jobs. Those with better pay at/ or above the median wage are regarded as high-wage jobs.

Employers going for hire for the high-wage, need to invite all job aspirants to be matched in the first 30 days from when the job advert was given on Job Bank. They can apply for the post when they have a four-star rating.

Employers going for hire for low -wage category must invite all job aspirants to be matched in the first 30 days from when the job advert was given on Job Bank. They can apply for the post when they have a two-star rating.

A video explaining the working of Job Match mechanism from the government of Canada has been provided. A green button is visible for the job postings for which aspirants of anonymous nature can be matched. The profiles of Job seekers are ranked as per their best-matching. With a simple click, profiles marking an Invitation to apply can be set.

An activity report is generated to mark the job postings, showing the details of profiles views and invitations sent. For more updates follow us on Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin

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