Canada Working Holiday VisaYoung professionals, students finishing their studies or on the verge of completing them, can consider the Canada Working Holiday Visa. Details The International Experience Class is an immigration program offering three different paths to achieve this. The path offers an opportunity to the individuals in the age group of 18 -35 years to live and work in Canada. Additionally, they can experience the tourist activities, the country offers. The other pathways are

  • The Young Professionals
  • International Co-op Internship options
Additionally, these have a focus on job and internship placements. There are different requirements for applicants. In this case, the ability to travel is limited, because the person has to work for fixed hours, and also serve a company already determined earlier. The rules Furthermore, for applying in these paths, the applicants have to be from a country existing on the list of nations participating in the IEC Program. The first step is creating an online profile for evaluation. There is a score based on specific criteria. The space available, for this Visa, is filled up every year, so ensure gathering all documents for a quick submission before the quota is filled up. We present the reasons to apply for the Working Holiday Visa.   1-Many Work Opportunities The Working Holiday Visa issues open working permits allowing the candidates to work for an eligible employer in Canada. The applicants can work anywhere. They can from one job or city to another and go for travel. Moreover, seasonal work is also available widely. Working Holiday Jobs having Popularity are:
  • Farms and Ranches
  • Retail and Deliveries
  • Ski Resorts and finally,
  • Summer Camps
2-Earning Money Working after having the open work permit, helps the workers to earn $20, 000 and $30, 000 annually.  This also helps to cover living expenses and for paying the rent. Many seasonal employers also provide accommodation for the period of work. 3-Journeys in Wilderness Canada has many national parks offering a great perspective of the wilderness. These are:
  • Banff National Park,
  • Prince Edward Island National Park and finally,
  • Gros Morne National Park
Moreover, there are polar bears, skiing destinations in the Rocky Mountains, and the Northern Lights, apart from the Niagara Falls. Additional attractions are the coast of Nova Scotia, kayaking across crystal fjords in the summer and pristine mountain ranges covered in snow. 4-Cosmopolitan Cities Montreal and Toronto have vibrancy in Canada. Additionally, there are international experiences, finest dining and a national heritage reflecting multiple cultures. Furthermore, there are many cultural activities to participate in. The nightlife in Vancouver is also sparkling, and there are indigenous artworks and museum displaying richness. Music, literary festivals and film festivals are an attraction in the major cities. The public transport is excellent making for pleasuring travel across provinces. 5-Stay of Two Years Depending on a country of application IEC Program issues temporary and open work permits. These are valid for 12/24 months. This is the ideal time for a gap of a year and serves as an opportunity for work experience. The time involved here also meets the criteria for skilled as well as unskilled worker programs in the immigration criteria of Canada. In case the candidates want to stay and apply for PR, they possess the experience and proof of work suitable for a local employer. Tips
  • Moving overseas for a long period requires planning.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Have sufficient money to cover the initial expenses. $2, 500 is an ideal amount.
  • Pack to travel easily.
  • Get a local sim-card, and open a bank account and finally,
  • Get a social insurance number.
The Working Holiday Visa is a competitive pathway and helps a person to have a joy of travel. Finally, it is a great experience also. Please Contact Us.

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