Germany EU Blue Card

germanyTh? G?rm?n? EU Blu? Card ?? a system that g?v?? ????rtun?t? t? l?g?l ??t?z?n? ?f a n?n-EU country to ?t?? ?nd w?rk ?n Germany. In 2009, th? Eur????n Un??n Directive d?f?n?d t?rm? ?nd conditions to ?ll?w ??m? highly ?u?l?f??d and ?k?ll?d citizens ?f n?n-EU ??untr??? t? easily ?bt??n r???d?n??/w?rk ??rm?t? ?n EU m?mb?r ??untr???. The r?gul?t??n came to ?ff??t ?n G?rm?n? from 1?t Augu?t 2012.

The r?gul?t??n n?w m?k?? m?gr?t?ng to Germany appealing t? ?u?l?f??d ?k?ll?d f?r??gn nationals t? ??m? ?n ?nd w?rk ?n the ?v?r-gr?w?ng number ?f j?b? th?t n??d? highly ?k?ll?d workers.

In ?dd?t??n, thr?ugh this r?gul?t??n, ??m? ?r?v??u?l? ?nf?r??d r??tr??t??n? ?n ?nt?rn?t??n?l students h?? b??n eased ?nd ?ll?w? th?m t? stay and work in G?rm?n? ?n th? ??m?l?t??n of th??r ?tud???.


T? qualify f?r th? Germany EU Blu? card, th? following prerequisite mu?t b? met.

A??l???nt? must provide ?r??f that th?? h?v? graduated from university-level studies. A??l???nt? mu?t ?l?? ?r???nt an ?m?l??m?nt contract ?r a b?nd?ng j?b offer with a ?????f??d m?n?mum salary.

H?w It Work?

The Blu? C?rd EU will initially b? given t? ?u?l?f??d ???l???nt? f?r a m?x?mum ?f 4 years, or f?r a ?h?rt?r ??r??d d???nd?ng on if th? employment ??ntr??t? ?? less than 4 years. An? change of ?m?l??m?nt requires approval fr?m th? ?mm?gr?t??n ??rv???? during the first two ???r?.

A ??rm?n?nt r???d?nt permit w?ll be ???u?d ?ft?r 3 ???r? ?f ?m?l??m?nt, subject t? payment ?f contributions t? the pension fund dur?ng th?? period, kn?wl?dg? ?f German and ?th?r minor ??nd?t??n?. If th? f?r??gn national ?? w?ll-v?r??d in the G?rm?n l?ngu?g? (l?v?l B1 ?r h?gh?r), th? issuance ?f th? permit w?ll b? ?h?rt?n?d to 2 ???r?.

Th? foreign n?t??n?l w?th th? Blue C?rd permit ?? ?ll?w?d to bring h?? family into G?rm?n?, ?nd ?u?h r?l?t?v?? ?r? fr?? to w?rk h?r? ?? well. It ?? n?t r??u?r?d f?r spouses t? h?v? ?k?ll? ?f the G?rm?n l?ngu?g?.

Blu? ??rd h?ld?r? ?r? ?ll?w?d to move between EU ??untr??? f?r ?n extended period ?f t?m?, but r??tr??t??n? m?? prevail depending ?n each ??untr?’? l?w? and interpretation ?f th? EU directive. (For example, Blu? Card h?ld?r? th?t g?t their Blue C?rd fr?m Germany must ?t?? ?n G?rm?n? f?r ??ght??n m?nth? before moving to ?n?th?r ??untr?.)

E??? F?r Int?rn?t??n?l Stud?nt? and Graduates

Th?? r?gul?t??n provides the f?ll?w?ng ?r?v?l?g?? to international ?tud?nt? ?tud??ng ?n G?rm?n?.

Non-EU ?tud?nt? ?t G?rm?n un?v?r??t??? n?w have the opportunity t? w?rk for 120 full days ?r 240 h?lf-d??? a year wh?l? ?tud??ng. (Th?? is ?n ?n?r???? fr?m 90 full days and 180 half-days.)

Gr?du?t?? ?f German Universities now have th? ????rtun?t? t? ?t?? in G?rm?n? f?r 18 m?nth? to f?nd a j?b in their ?r?? ?f specialization. Gr?du?t?? of v???t??n?l ??h??l? w?ll b? ?ll?w?d 12 m?nth? t? f?nd a j?b ?n their area ?f specialization. Both groups ?f gr?du?t?? w?ll b? ?ll?w?d to work w?th?ut r??tr??t??n during th??? t?m? ??r??d?.

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