Germany’s Job Seeker Visa at a glance

Germany’s job Seeker Visa at a glanceYou can brighten your chance with Job Seeker Visa which gives you a period of 6 months to search a job, appear for interviews and join your suitable firm.This visa allows you to find yourself a decent profile.

To apply for the Job Seeker Visa in Germany, the following should be kept in mind:

  • A period of six months is given to find yourself a suitable opportunity.In case if you are unable to convert any opportunity, the individual then has to return to his native country.
  • You can visit other surrounding areas like Schengen, but should not take any employment services.
  • You can be accompanied by your dependents after you have received your job offer and had a place to reside in Germany.
  • With a Job seeker visa, you can attain permanent residency in the country only if you stay continuously for five years.
  • You can apply within 30 days if your Job application is rejected.
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