Gothic Splendor – The Prague Castle

The Exquisite Prague Castle of Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic, one of the lesser known countries is magical with castles and landscapes that are awe-inspiring. One of the most legendary castles is the Prague Castle. The hub of all Tourism in the Czech Republic, Prague Castle is a historical landmark.

Eastern European history revolved around the 10th century Prague Castle for any eras. It was the abode of Holy Roman Emperors and Bohemian Kings, and currently houses the President of Czech Republic. It is situated in the Hradany neighborhood and is the largest castle in the world, area wise. The entire castle is 570 meters in length and an average of about 130 meters wide. The architecture was modified several times over the course of history.

The castles architecture is mostly Gothic. People come from every country to see those spectacular structures within the walls of this castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The epitome of Gothic architecture, St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the buildings within Prague Castle. Initially dedicated to St. Vitus, it is the seat of Pragues Archbishop. The cathedral contains the tombs of Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors as well.

St. George's Basilica

The oldest church that still stands within this castle was dedicated to St. George, and founded in 920 A.D. by Vratislaus I of Bohemia and rebuilt post a fire accident in 1142. The tomb of Ludmila of Bohemia, a Gothic chapel, and the memorials of Vratislav and Boleslaus II of Bohemia are also part of the basilica.

Powder Tower

Gothic-styled, Powder Tower is one of the original 13 city gates and today it separates the Old Town from the New Town. Unlike most towers built for defense, Powder Tower was built for decoration purposes.

Golden Lane

Golden Lane, according to legend, used to attract alchemists who searched for converting elements into gold. Currently, this lane consists of tiny houses painted with bright colors with souvenir and a medieval armory museum.

Old Royal Palace and Vladislav Hall

Designed in Gothic and Renaissance styles, the Old Royal Palace can be dated back to the 12th century. Built from 1493 to 1502, the Vladislav Hall was used to for public event during the Bohemian reign. The hall was so huge that they held jousting tournaments for the knights, back in the day.

There so much more to discover in this majestic edifice. If you want to visit this grand castle, then you need a Czech Tourist Visa.

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