H1-B Visa Initiative of Babson College

Babson College Initiatives Encourage EntrepreneursWhile Trump does not favor immigration, one private college emerged to change people’s views. Everyone is worried about Asians taking the jobs of Americans, but how about retaining those foreigners who can create more jobs for Americans? Babson College in Massachusetts is one of the five colleges who partnered with the immigration department to give an H1-B Visa for potential entrepreneurs.

Case of Abhinav Sureka

Abhinav Sureka got his MBA degree from Babson College. He plans to start a new business, but he is concerned that he might have to come back to India, given the reason  he is on a student visa. And if he has to stay back in the USA, he will require an H-1B visa.

He approached the college authorities, where  he graduated for help. Babson College helped him with the procedure and he got his H1-B Visa. Today, he has set up his business in the US and is running successfully.

"What if we don't get a visa?" Sureka said. "We can't continue work in the U.S., and the amount of time we have spent on this project is all wasted."

"Every year, we figure Massachusetts says goodbye to over 1,000 graduate students who otherwise want to stay and start a company," said William Brah, who assists foreign entrepreneurs with their visas at Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts'. "I mean, it's stupid. You couldn't come up with a more flawed immigration system if you tried."

"We wanted to try to find some way that would make it possible for an entrepreneur to come to the country, without us having to pay them to do it," said Andy Holtz, chief of the program at City University of New York.

While some may criticize that these programs, have caused  loopholes in the immigration system. And others firmly believe that encouraging entrepreneurs will only create more jobs for both Americans and immigrants.

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