How to acquire Hong Kong QMAS ?

Hong Kong QMAS VisaWant to immigrate to Hong Kong? Here is an article about why to migrate to Hong Kong. This country is known as the widest and also the superior countries in the globe. Hong Kong has become a  domicile for many numbers of immigrants. It is a main administrative province of China which is situated on the south coast of the Guangdong province and rocky islands surround the mainland area.

Hong Kong is considered as the large port because of their  imports and exports which are supplied throughout the globe. It is also a hub for banking as well as manufacturing. Currently,  everyone is willing to migrate to Hong Kong because of the fabulous career opportunities.

Why Hong Kong ?

There are many reasons for migrating. For many individuals,  Hong Kong has become a destination for the entire globe.

Few reasons why people choose to migrate  to Hong Kong are:

  • Powerful economy
  • Very astonishing and impressive locations
  • Fast forward with leading facilities
  • Comfortable immigration rules and regulations
  • Low Crime Rate

Why Quality Migrant Admission Scheme?

Hong Kong QMAS visa is the most excellent and approved opportunity to migrate to Hong Kong.

QMAS is an entrant quota  scheme for many applicants, it is introduced by  the highly skilled immigrants who has  suitable skills to implement can migrate and work in Hong Kong and can develop their country’s economy. The best option for this type of visa is for an successfully selected applicant doesn’t require job offer prior to their country.

  • Required age should 18 or above
  • Adequate funds
  • No criminal records
  • Proficiency in English and Chinese language
  • Work Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Hong Kong point-based calculator

Point-based system is based  on  two categories:
  • General point-based: Qualifying marks for this is 80 points
  • Achievement-based points: Here an individual is based  on the achievement of 165 score points.
This is all about the QMAS and its requirements. If an applicant wants  to migrate to Hong Kong must acquire QMAS to immigrate to Hong Kong. For more updates follow us on Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin  

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