How to Apply and Get a UK EEA Family Permit when Travelling to the United Kingdom

How to Apply and Get a UK EEA Family Permit when Travelling to the United KingdomThe United Kingdom European Economic Area (EEA) permit is provided to individuals who are living outside the EEA area or a family member of an individual who is a member of the EEA. Getting the EEA permit attracts no fees and it makes it easier for individuals to enter the UK. The permit is valid for a period of 6 months in which the individual can enter and exit the UK as many times as he/she would require within that time frame.

The applicant is eligible if he/she is applying as a family member or an extended family member. In this case, the EEA citizen that is to be joined has to be living in the UK already or travelling with the applicant within 60 days of the application. If the EEA citizen is living in the UK he/she must have permanent residence and also show proof that he/she is self-sufficient, working or studying. If the applicant qualifies as a family member, then he/she has to be a spouse or civil partner as either a child under the age of 21 years or a dependent or grandparent. A student is also eligible to apply is he/she is a dependent of the EEA citizen living in the UK.

The applicant has to produce a number of documents during the application process which includes a valid passport, proof of dependency on an EEA citizen, family members valid national Identification or passport and evidence of the relationship with the EEA citizen that includes birth certificates, marriage certificates or civil partnership certificate. The applicant also has to show that their EEA family member is working, studying, self-employed or financially stable. The family member should also have full medical cover in the UK.

The permit is applied for online and the individual must be living outside the UK for him/her to be considered. Individuals living in North Korea cannot apply for the permit if they are staying in the country but can apply if they are living outside North Korea. It is also possible for an individual to apply for the EEA permit if he/she has a family member that is a British citizen who is working or has worked in another EAA country under the ‘Surinder Singh’ route. Under this process, proof has to be shown that the family worked in an EEA country before returning to the UK.

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