How to get a Visit Visa or Permission to Remain when Travelling to Ireland

Immigration systemA visit visa is required whenever a foreigner who is a non-EEA resident and not a citizen of Switzerland wishes to travel to Ireland and may want to stay in the country for a period exceeding 3 months. The visit visa explicitly states the conditions under which the individual is permitted to stay in the country while also indicating the time period for which the permission is granted.

The Ireland visit visa is stamped on the individual’s passport once he/she has been cleared and deemed fit to enter Ireland by the Minister for Justice and Equality. In some cases, a residency visa may also be handed to an individual during the same period of the endorsement if the individual had applied for the same.

Once a foreigner travels to Ireland, he/she must be handed a Leave that allows him/her to enter Ireland and the Permission to Remain that describes the period for which the foreigner is expected to stay. Some of the documents required for application for the visit visa include a valid passport, any information regarding the purpose of the visit, private medical insurance and evidence of enough funds to sustain the individual’s life in Ireland. Additionally, students have to provide proof of registration letters from the intended school and evidence of payment of school fees.

On the other hand, individuals that are employed have to produce an original work permit, original green card permit, business permit if operating a business and an intra-company transfer permit. Retired individuals, on the other hand, have to show that they have enough savings that can buy an Irish home, an annual income of €50,000 and private medical insurance.

Visit visas are usually given with regard to the duration of the stated purpose and may be renewed annually. In cases where an individual may wish to apply for long-term residence in Ireland, the individual must have stayed in the country for a period exceeding 5 years legally under the work permit category. Once the individual applies for this residency and if successful, he /she is granted an exemption from having an employment permit.

However, individuals that may have stayed in the country for purposes of studying, as temporary registered doctors or as holiday working do not quality to be granted long-term residence visas since the categories are deemed to be different.

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