How to Immigrate and Flourish in AlbertaProfessionals can qualify for immigration to Alberta with a CRS score of 300. This is a requirement of the Alberta Express Entry stream. Additionally, along with the Alberta Opportunity Stream as well as the Self-employed Farmer stream, this constitutes the Provincial Nominee Program. Reasons for Immigrating to Alberta Calgary is the cleanest city in the world. Alberta is a popular destination for many newcomers. The province has a simple immigration application system which welcomes 10,000 new immigrants annually. Alberta also offers a high quality of life and has higher paying jobs and a low tax structure. More money is available for a person and his/her family to lead a comfortable life. With a low cost of living, the provincial housing prices are also low in comparison to other provinces. There are endless working opportunities for immigrants. Immigrants residing in Edmonton and Calgary, the two big cities, economically perform better in comparison to residents of other provinces. These cities are cleaner and more livable. Additionally, there is a diversity and multicultural society in the province. Natural attractions Alberta has fine weather. It is sunnier than most provinces in Canada. Edmonton and Calgary have sunny weather for 50% of the days in the year. It also offers stimulating outdoor activities in the form of cycling, skiing, hiking, and strolling. It is also famous for Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. At first, the candidate must determine the program to apply. Federal Economic Immigration Programs Calgary is a perfect place for applicants of the Skilled Worker Program. Such applicants who are successful for the three Federal Immigration Programs of

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Federal Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class, - can live anywhere in Canada, including Alberta. Moreover, these programs have a fast processing time in the immigration programs, owing to the Express Entry system.
Furthermore, the aspirants interested in using this pathway to enter Alberta, have to meet specific program requirements. They also need to create an online profile in Express Entry which gives a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System. Profiles having a high ranking score receive the invitation for applying for permanent residence by using the Express Entry draws. Upon success, the application is processed within 6 months. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program also offers many routes to seek permanent residence. The Provincial Nominee Program of Alberta has three streams, to attract particular individuals. Express Entry Stream The Express Entry stream is, linked to the Federal Express Entry system. The qualifying norms in this stream are meeting the requirements of Federal Immigration programs and completing an online Express Entry profile that enters the pool of candidates. Moreover, they must work in an occupation that supports economic development and diversification of the province. Finally, the applicants have to and settle in Alberta permanently. The program needs a CRS score of 300 only. This is low in comparison to the average CRS cut-off score of Express Entry draws. Thus it is easy to immigrate to Alberta using the AINP. Alberta Opportunity Stream A requirement of the Alberta Opportunity Stream is that the candidates have to enter Canada already holding a valid status of temporary residents permitting them to work in Canada. The work in the province must be in an occupation matching with the work experience in the past. The candidates must check the NOC skill levels 0, A, B, C and D to know the eligibility norms Other requirements are scoring 4 in each category on the CLB for French or English, and also completing a high school course. Proper work experience for specific months is also necessary. Self-Employed Farmer Stream This stream allows a person to immigrate to Alberta and also reside in natural surroundings. Additionally, it is designed for persons intending to move to Alberta after purchasing/starting farming businesses. It provides many opportunities for farming experts. The qualifying norms are proving the farm management skills, investing $500,000 CAD in such business and providing a business plan highlighting investments.

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