Immigrate to Ontario40% of immigrants arriving in Canada Immigrate to Ontario. This province has the most population in the country and also is a multicultural hub. The cities of Ottawa and Toronto are a vibrating part of it. It is rich in nature which is worth experiencing. 60% of the land is forest and there are 250,000 lakes in Ontario. The routes one can take to the province are the Federal Skilled Worker and the Provincial Nominee Program. The Government of Ontario has a diverse and specialized system for immigration to select the right candidates for moving into the region. The Federal Skilled Worker Program and also the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program are popular. Federal Skilled Worker Program This Program caters to skilled overseas workers who intend to immigrate to Canada. The aim is to strengthen the workforce of the country that is aging fast. Moreover, there is a constant need to have young and bright workers to create an impact on the success and growth of the economy. Additionally, it has several requirements to meet for qualifying in this program. These are skilled work experience, proficiency in the language (English or French), and the proper qualifications necessary for the occupation. The application is assessed as per the 100 point-grid which considers:

  • Age;
  • Education;
  • Work Experience;
  • English and French proficiency,
  • Adaptability;
  • Valid job offer
  • A score of 67 onwards to qualify.
This program is managed by the Express Entry system, which ensures that the processing of the application is fast. Complete the FSWP application, and create an online Express Entry profile that gets a score as per the CRS. This will also help to get a rank against candidates who show an interest to migrate to Canada. Candidates with the top scores are selected from this pool for immigration. On attaining the success in the process, you also receive the invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. This status allows you to live/work in any place in Canada. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Ontario Immigration Nominee Program gives access specifically to the province, and you need to settle in this province on attaining success. This is an option for facilitating fast immigration to Ontario. Furthermore, the OINP is among the several PNPs allowing the provinces and territories to invite skilled and experienced candidates, needed by the region. It is a popular Program and has issued 7,000 nominations in 2018. In fact, it is the best option for Canadian immigration now. Categories The three categories in it are:
  • Human Capital Category,
  • Employer Job Offer Category and finally
  • The Business category
Human Capital Category This Category has three streams with a link to the Express Entry. Moreover, it allows the province for searching the candidates in the Express Entry pool who have the necessary skills and work experience to fill the prevailing shortages in the labor force. The Human Capital Priorities Stream caters to such candidates who possess necessary skills for the province and attracts profiles having above 400 CRS points. The French-Speaking Stream caters to such candidates who achieve CLB level 7 in French. Skilled Trades Stream caters to such candidates who possess necessary work experience (12 months) in a skilled trade in the province. They must also acquire it within the previous two years. Other details The Human Capital Category also has two student streams which aim to retain global students who graduate from qualifying tertiary institutions in Ontario. This also leads to PR in the province. The Master’s Graduate Stream caters to master’s graduate students who qualify. They moreover do not need to create Express Entry profile nor is a job offer necessary for them. Ph.D. Graduate Stream caters to Ph.D. graduate students who qualify. They moreover do not need to create Express Entry profile nor is a job offer necessary for them. Employer Job Offer Category This Category caters to candidates having a job offer from a local employer. It has three streams: Foreign Worker Stream - the job offer has to be for a skilled position in National Occupation Category at level 0/A / B and also must have the Labor Market Impact Assessment. International Student Stream - the job offer has to be for a skilled position in National Occupation Category at level 0/A / B and also must have the graduation from a qualifying tertiary program in the last two years. In-Demand Skills Stream - the job offer has to be as per the in-demand occupation list. Business Category Candidates, who intend to start, invest, or buy a business in Ontario will find this Category attractive. The Corporate Stream permits the expansion of international corporations in Ontario or they can also buy an existing enterprise here. Furthermore, the Entrepreneur Stream caters to candidates who intend to start a business or also buy an existing business in Ontario. We will help you with finding the right pathway to reach Canada. Please contact us.

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