How to Settle in Canada from India with a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

Canada, the maple leaf country as a place attracts a large number of immigrants annually. People in search of education, work, business opportunities or leisure time. It is a friendly country with a very organized immigration system. It is called the 'paradise for immigrants.

Steps for canada immigration

The first step to settle in Canada from India is to get a Canada PR Visa. Then subsequently you can apply for Canadian citizenship. You can get Canadian permanent residency based on different scenarios such as:

1. Settling in canada as a skilled worker

There are various avenues to settle as a skilled worker it could be through:

Express entry system

Express Entry Program is one of the fastest Canadian Immigration Programs and permanent residence. This system allows talented, skilled workers to present an online profile and then subsequently, they can get selected for a Canada PR Visa through periodic draws.

Provincial nominee programs

Provincial Nominee Programs are also good pathways for getting Canadian permanent residency. They are different immigration programs for the different Canadian provinces which function in collaboration with the Canadian federal government. These programs will give the easy way for Immigration process.

Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP)

Quebec Skilled Worker Programs are online based programs for the Quebec pronounce. Selected applicants for Q.S.W.P rescue the Quebec selection certificate which makes them eligible for Canada PR Visa to IRCC.

2. Setting through family reunification

Canadian citizens and permanent residents have rights to sponsor eligible family members for Canada Immigration. Eligible family members include spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, etc. of permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

3. Settling through business and investment

It is also possible to get permanent residence through a business and investment category visa. This is a visa for self-employed persons that have fulfilled the minimum investment and other associated conditions.

4. Settling through canadian provincial nominee program

In this program, the different provinces select immigrants that they feel are going to be good for their labor market and economies. The various provinces have their own different requirements and selection criteria.

After getting a Canadian PR visa, it is essential that you can settle into the new environment well. For an immigrant, the following are necessary to settle down properly:

Learn the language since you have moved from India it is essential to learn English if you have not done so already because the written and spoken English is more than the everyday use in India.

Stay positive. It is going to take a while before you fit in. Do not allow negativity to set in, focus on why you moved to the nation for the first place and all the things that you want to accomplish. Embrace everything Canadian. Learn to go out, enjoy the view, and embrace everything Citizen of the nation. After all, you wished to be here, and that wish has been granted. And this is your new home. So take risks, calculated risks to achieve your success.

Zentora – Masters of Visas will help you in getting all this covered will allow you to enjoy the best of living in Canada through Canada Immigration Process.

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