Important prospects to acquire South African Critical Skills Visa

South Africa Critical Skills Visa South Africa Critical Skills Visa is for the applicants who obtain a specific skills and qualifications which are considered critically by the Government of South Africa. Foreign Nationals who has skills and qualifications will only be able to acquire Critical Skills Visa. This Visa has an advantage is that prior job offer is not required for an applicant to apply for South Africa critical skill work visa. Critical Skills Visa is issued to  an applicant for a period of 5 years. Dependent spouse and also family members can accompany the applicant of South African Critical Skills Visa. Therefore,  this would be the perfect option for an applicant to migrate to  South Africa.

Benefits of South Africa Critical Skills Visa:

  • It is a pathway for work visa without a prior job offer
  • An applicant visa is valid up to only nine months in order to acquire a job
  • It is a gateway for Permanent Residence along with 5 years of working visa
  • Employers have freedom to travel in entire South Africa
  • Fewer  responsibilities on Employers
  • Can bring your family members

Requirements to acquire this Visa:

  • A valid passport
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Relevant work experience of five years
  • Adequate funds
  • No criminal records
  • Health Insurance
  • Language proficiency
These are the above prospects in order to have for an applicant. In order to acquire South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa. For more updates follow us on Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin    

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