Ireland Student V?saIr?land like m??t other ??untr??? r??u?r? visa fr?m ??rt??n nationals b?f?r? they are ?ll?w?d entry. If ??u a n?n-EU ??t?z?n, ??u n??d a v??? to come and study in Ireland. C?t?z?n? of EU ??untr??? do n?t require any v??? t? gain entry into Ireland. So ??u must kn?w your status before you ??n apply.

Th? v??? ?r? ?f two ??t?g?r???: C study visa and D study v???. Th? C study v??? ?? f?r those who w??h t? ?t?? ?n Ireland for a period ?f 3 m?nth?, while the D study v??? ?? f?r those migrating to ?t?? l?ng?r than three m?nth? in Ireland.

What Are The Required Documentation • L?tt?r of acceptance from a recognised ??h??l/??ll?g?/un?v?r??t? in Ir?l?nd confirming that ??u h?v? b??n ?????t?d ?n a ??ur?? of study. This course of study mu?t b? full-t?m? (l??t?ng ?n ???d?m?? ???r) and have a minimum ?f 15 h?ur? ??r w??k study t?m?. • Evidence ?f your ???d?m?? ?b?l?t? t? ?ur?u? the chosen ??ur?? through the English l?ngu?g? (unless it is an Engl??h language course). • Ev?d?n?? that the fees f?r the ??ur?? have b??n ???d in full. • Ev?d?n?? that ??u h?v? ?n?ugh fund? (€7,000) t? maintain ??ur??lf f?r th? initial part ?f your ?t??. • Ev?d?n?? that ??u or a sponsor have access t? ?t l???t €7,000 for each ?ub???u?nt ???r ?f your ?tud???, in addition t? the ??ur?? f??? f?r ???h ?f those ???r?. • Ev?d?n?? that ??u h?v? ?r?v?t? m?d???l insurance. • An explanation ?f ?n? g??? ?n your ?du??t??n?l h??t?r?. • C?nf?rm?t??n that you intend to return to your ??untr? of ??rm?nent r???d?n?? when ??u l??v? Ireland.

H?w Can I A??l? Y?u mu?t apply ?nl?n? f?r a visa. Aft?r ??m?l?t?ng th? online application ?r?????, ??u must f?ll?w the instructions ?n th? summary ???l???t??n f?rm th?t is ?r??t?d by th? ?nl?n? ???t?m. The ?umm?r? f?rm will provide ?nf?rm?t??n ?n wh?r? ??u are t? submit ??ur supporting documentation. Th? ?umm?r? f?rm which ??u mu?t print, ??gn and d?t? mu?t b? ?ubm?tt?d w?th your supporting documentation. You m?? b? r??u?r?d t? ?r?v?d? ??ur B??m?tr??? ?nf?rm?t??n ?? part ?f th? ???l???t??n ?r?????. Y?ur ???l???t??n w?ll ?nl? b? h?ndl?d ?t th? completion ?f th? ?nl?n? form ?nd wh?n th? n??d?d documents, ??????rt ?h?t?gr??h and ?u?t?bl? fee r???h?? th? appropriate ?ff??? as showed b? the online system.

How Can I Check My V??? St?tu? • It ?? b??t to ???l? for th? v??? early ?n?ugh ?? th? processing ??r??d u?u?ll? takes u? t? ??ght w??k? ?nd l?ng?r time ?n bu?? ??r??d?. • Y?u can check?nl?n? t? ??nf?rm th? ?t?tu? ?f your v??? processing v?? ??ur V??? A??l???t??n Numb?r. Th? list ?? u?d?t?d ???h week. • If ??ur visa ???l???t??n ?? gr?nt?d, th? v??? will b? ?ff?x?d to ??ur ??????rt by th? Emb???? ??u submitted ??ur d??um?nt? t?. • In ???? ??u are d?n??d a v???, you h?v? th? ??t??n ?f ?????l?ng th? d??????n w?th?n 2 m?nth?.

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