Key steps to avail Germany Student Visa

Key steps to avail Germany Student VisaGermany has earned distinct position among global powers for its innovative technology, superior higher education structure, unmatched teaching mechanism and affordable education system. Many of top educational universities are located in Europe and most of them are from Germany. If you are an international student and dreaming about pursuing education in Germany, then you must first apply for a Germany Student Visa. This will enable you to migrate to Germany for a specific time span.

Types of Germany Student Visa:

Germany immigration authorities have classified the student visa program into three different categories. It is important for the candidate to apply for an appropriate visa program to study in Germany. They are as follows:

  • Student Applicant Visa: This is a visa plan offered to the candidates who wants to pursue their education in Germany and yet to find out an appropriate study program.
  • Student Visa: This visa permit is issued to the applicants, who received an acceptance letter to a German university.
  • Language Course Visa: It is a visa program issued to those individuals who wants to learn German language in Germany.

How to Apply for Germany Student Visa:

To apply for a student visa in Germany, first you need to schedule an appointment at the German consulate or an Embassy in your respective country. On the day of appointment, you will be interviewed for an appropriate visa permit. You are therefore required to submit all the required documents on the day of your interview. You can schedule your appointment through online portal based on the available dates. German embassy officials will scrutinize all your documents and information provided by you before taking any further step. Additionally, an applicant is required to answer any questions asked by the consulate authorities.

Visa Interview at German Embassy:

Candidates must attend the Visa interview in person and he/she is required to meet with the consular officer. As mentioned above, you are bound to present all documents (Originals) for scrutiny. Make sure you have provided genuine details in your application form. A consular officer has the authority to put in place questions related to your applications along with personal queries. Candidate must answer all the questions truthfully and carefully. After interview, further steps will be taken on your immigration to Germany.

Student Visa Fees:

As per the Germany’s immigration portal, applicants are required to pay a sum of 60 Euro towards Germany student Visa fees by means of bank transfer. Payments by means of Cheques and Credit cards are not accepted. Candidates can also make payments through money order in the name of German Consulate in your respective country.

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