Malaysian Passport Gives Visa-Free Access To 151 Nations

Malaysian passport gives visa-free access to 151 nationsAccording to the Passport Index 2016, a Malaysian passport holder can travel to 151 countries without requiring any visa. Malaysia ranked eighth in the Index, for having the most influential passport in the world.The World Economic Forum considers passport of Malaysia equal to that of Iceland, Australia and Malta.

Germany and Sweden secured top positions, giving its citizens access to visit 158 countries without requiring any visa. The United States has jointly shared the fourth rank with the Singapore enabling its citizens to travel to 155 countries. Britain occupied the second position.

The other ASEAN countries include Brunei ranked 20 by providing visa-free access to 136 countries, Thailand (20) to 72 countries, the Philippines (63) to 62 and Indonesia (69) to 56 nations.

Vietnam and Cambodia passports (both ranked 74) have access to 51 countries. The top ranking went to Germany and Sweden, whose passport holders can visit 158 countries without a visa.

The countries with internal conflicts & terror activities have visa-free to very few countries such as Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their passports are considered as the “least powerful passports.”

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