Manitoba PNP Information and Employer Engagement in Manila

The staff of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will be present in Manila, the capital of Philippines from November 20th to 24th, 2017 in the company of employers from Manitoba. The purpose is to hold interviews with professionals who demonstrate sufficient skills to qualify in these spheres:

    • Livestock Workers with a degree of Specialization
    • Industrial-Butchers
    • Graphic-Designers
    • Printing Press-Operator
    • Plastics Machine-Operator
    • Bindery Machine-Operators
    • Bindery-Production Supporters
    • Expert Welders
  • Livestock Workers

Contractors engaged in Agricultural service perform agricultural services like breeding in poultry and livestock, preparation of soil, crop plantation, spraying of crops, crop cultivation and crop harvesting. Farm supervision requires a skill in work related to farm workers and laborers engaged in harvesting. The Specialized livestock workers are entrusted with feeding assignments, health supervision, and breeding activities in dairy farms, beef supply, poultry, sheep rearing, hog farms and livestock farms also.

  • Industrial Butchers

Industrial butchers do the livestock slaughtering with the use of knives and stunning devices; skinning, cleaning and trimming carcasses; removing viscera and inedible parts from carcasses; splitting carcasses into small parts for proper handling; and must know the slaughtering possible involving cattle, calves, and sheep based on religious guidelines and laws. Industrial butchers are given the tasks of cutting pork, beef, veal and lamb carcasses and sides /quarters of carcasses leading towards further cutting process. Besides they have to deal with the stages of packaging and processing; making the meat boneless, and cutting poultry and meat into cuts meant for wholesale commercial or institutional use. The Trimmers are entrusted the task to remove excess fat, skin, bruises/blemishes from meat and carcasses.

  • Graphic-Designers

Graphic designers establish the overall look, considering the client priorities and combine the graphic elements and content of communications materials to meet them. They determine the medium suited to produce a special and required visual effect and show the appropriate vehicle for communication. They prepare graphic elements, sketches and layouts of the subject given to them and use multimedia software, traditional tools, and image processing, in addition to layout and design software. They coordinate the entire aspects of production for facilitating electronic materials, print, and audio-visual in Web sites, and CDs.

  • Printing Press Operator

Operators of Printing press deal with color sequence, production time, and quantity required. They advise the press staff, about the specifications desired. They are given the work of mounting plates /cylinders and carry out the adjustments, besides filling ink fountains and taking measurements and doing the adjustments. They also determine settings to control color/ viscosity. They check the samples for ink coverage, and Monitor press runs for consistency and quality.

  • Plastics Machine Operator

Plastics processing machine operators work on the tasks of plastic mixing, calendaring, extruding and molding processing machines which are used in the manufacture of plastic parts. They also weigh colorants, resins, and other chemicals based on the formula. They operate calendar machines which carry out the process of transformation to make continuous sheets/films of the required thickness. They operate extruding machines which extrude plastic composites products.

  • Bindery Machine Operators

Binding machine operators handle specialized equipment/machines that perform the tasks relating to cutting, folding, gathering and binding/finishing printed objects like pamphlets, brochures, business forms, books, and magazines, besides other printed materials. They work on the specialized equipment/machines that deal with cutting, embossing, imprinting, laminating, heating stamp and also do the work related to finishing operations.

  • Bindery Production Support

Bindery Production Support helps in the assists in Transportation of raw materials, and finished products in the plant physically or by using power-equipment. They check the materials and products and weigh them; do the sorting, packing, crating and packaging work. They also Clean work areas and equipment.

  • Welders

Welders read and interpret blueprints and process specifications, operate the manual/semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments. They know the processes like gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, FCAW, plasma arc welding, and shielded metal arc welding. They operate flame-cutting equipment, brazing, soldering, and metal shaping machines. They undertake custom fabrication or machinery and equipment repair welding.

If a candidate is between the age of 21 – 45 years and has post-secondary education/training in the relevant jobs; with a three-year experience desired occupations listed; and meets the Canadian Language Benchmark he/she can Submit a resume.

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