Migrate and work in Austria under Austria Red-White-Red Card

Austria-Red-White-Red-CardSince 1995, Austria has become a member of the European countries. This country donates a major part of the European economy. Austria has taken top position for the wealthiest nations not only in the European region but also in the entire world. It has a balanced economy provided with plenty of job opportunities. Austria is the indefinite populated nation with the leading industrial and manufacturing sectors which is surrounded by entire country.

At present Austria is facing incurable skill shortages in those industrial and manufacturing sectors that are why Austria is seeking for the highly skilled foreign workers to accompany in their various sectors. In recent times mostly many of the individuals are immigrating to Austria from India. For such migrants, Austria is providing Austria-red-white-red card. By using this visa individuals can avail benefits as well as can migrate to Austria in a simple manner.

Austria Red-White-Red Card

The Government of Austria has initiated a new scheme which is known as the Austria Red-White-Red Card . Main criteria of this card to ease the immigration process for the skilled employees with criteria to settle them permanently in their province based on the applicant’s labor-market criteria. These rules have come into existence from the July 1st, 2015. Initially, this card is granted for only 12 months now it is entitled the holder for the fixed term settlement in Austria and the employer by a specific employer.

Eligibility criteria :

• Highly skilled workers • Skilled employees in shortage professions • Other key employees • Graduates or students from Austrian universities studying their higher education • Self-employed key employees

Requirements :

• Age • Educational qualifications • Work experience • Language proficiency • Austrian studies

Therefore, this is all about the Austria and its requirements. Migrate to Austria for the better benefits with paid work and also with a high standard of living.

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