New Online Australian Visitor Visa system attracts 3,00,000 Indian Tourist in 2017

new online australian visitor visaAustralia being one of the most urbanized countries across the globe with wild and beautiful places is expecting around 3,00,000 immigrants from India itself. This upturn occurred due to certain aspects like online Australia Visitor Visa application provisions, various promotional activities initiated by Tourism of Australia and stabilized Australian dollar.

As per the reports provided by Australian tourism approximately 2.6 lakh Indian travelers visited Australia in 2016.

Since last three financial years, Australia is witnessing the huge amount of growth with regards to Indian tourists. 2017 is regarded as the fourth successive financial year where they are experiencing a growth of 15.3 %.

Apart from the growth of Indian who are migrating to Australia is increasing, the economy is doing well, also the positive consumer, as well as market reviews, are supporting to have a growth of Indian tourist at Australia.

As per the ranking, India is ranked as the ninth source market whereas New Zealand, China, United State of America, United Kingdom and Singapore are the top five source markets of Australia.

As per the monetary spending's, India is ranked at the eighth position whereas in the top most five positions are the countries like China, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Japan.

As per the current market scenario, if this progression continuous then India would prospectively become the top five spenders and in terms of source, the market would stand in seventh place by 2025.

The main motive of promoting the Australian Tourists is to offer a leisure destination for family and honeymooners. Segments like meetings, conferences, incentives, and exhibitions are also focused by Australian tourism.

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