New Zealand

N?w Z??l?nd Skilled Migrant Category is a ???t?m th?t ?ff?r? ????rtun?t? t? ?ll f?r??gn?r? w?th ????nt??l ?k?ll? t? migrate and ??ttl? ?n N?w Z??l?nd permanently. It ?? a ???nt?-b???d ?r?gr?m th?t allows you t? w?rk ?n New Z??l?nd w?th access to ??m?l?t? Labour m?rk?t. Th? SMC r???d?n?? v??? ?? ???u?d for 2 years initially ?nd ??n be ??nv?rt?d t? ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? w?th ???? ?ft?r successfully settling in New Z??l?nd ?nd m??t th? r???d?n?? requirements. Th? v??? ?l?? grants ??u th? ?l?g?b?l?t? t? apply for your spouse and d???nd?nt ?h?ldr?n f?r a r???d?n?? along with your application. Y?u can g?t ??ur C?t?z?n?h?? ?ft?r 5 ???r? following your N?w Zealand residence ?t?tu?.

Am I Qualified t? A??l?? To apply under ?k?ll?d migrant ??t?g?r? ???l???nt mu?t m??t ??rt??n requirements which are: • A??l???nt needs t? b? aged 55 ?r under • M??t th? English l?ngu?g? r??u?r?m?nt?. • N?m?n?t? ?n occupation ?n th? INZ’? L??t of Sk?ll?d O??u??t??n? and m??t the entry-level requirements f?r that ???u??t??n. • Applicant mu?t m??t ?h?r??t?r ?nd St?nd?rd? ?f h??lth before ?t?rt?ng the process.

H?w d??? th? Program Work? The f?r?t ?t?? towards m?k?ng ?n application ?? th? ?x?r?????n ?f ?nt?r??t. H?r?, if ??u ?r? qualified, ??u can submit an ?x?r?????n ?f interest wh??h allows you ?l??m points for ?x??r??n??, skills, language, ?nd other f??t?r?. B???u?? ?tt??n?ng th? set level ?f ???nt? ?? d???nd?nt ?n so m?n? factors, it is essential t? h?v? ??ur ?l?g?b?l?t? assessed by a l???n??d ?mm?gr?t??n ?dv???r t? avoid costly disappointment. If ??ur claimed ???nt ?? u? to 100 ???nt? or m?r?, ??u th?n ?ubm?t it ?nt? the ???l. All ?x?r?????n of ?nt?r??t ?b?v? 140 ???nt? ?r? ?ut?m?t???ll? ??l??t?d, and th? l?g?t?m??? ?f th? ?ubm?tt?d ?nf?rm?t??n ?? ???????d. An ?nv?t?t??n t? apply (ITA) w?ll b? ???u?d t? selected ???l???nt?. On?? an invitation ?? r????v?d from N?w Zealand ?n r????n?? to your ?nv?t?t??n, ??u ?r? required to ???l? f?r ??ur residence v??? at th? nearest ?r??????ng ??nt?r?. The ?r??????ng centers v?r? ?? ??r th? ???l???nt’? ??untr? of r???d?n??.

What ?? th? C??t Im?l???t??n? Th? f?ll?w?ng ?? th? c??t implication: • Expression ?f Int?r??t - NZ$510 • NZQA Pr?-A?????m?nt - NZ$138 • NZQA Full Assessment - NZ$746 • R???d?nt Visa – Sk?ll?d M?gr?nt C?t?g?r? NZ$1500 – NZ$2,400 (d???nd?ng on wh?r? ??u ?r? ?urr?ntl? r???d?ng). • Migrant Levy NZ$310 per ?u?????ful ???l???nt ?g?d f?v? ?r ?v?r, NZ$155 per ?u?????ful ???l???nt ?g?d und?r five ???r?.

Wh? d? ??u n??d a L???n??d Advisor? A? ??r N?w Z??l?nd ?mm?gr?t??n rul??, ?t ?? mandatory to ?r????? ?n ???l???t??n or t?k? an ?mm?gr?t??n ?dv??? fr?m a Licensed immigration adviser. Al??, b???u?? ?tt??n?ng th? ??t level ?f ???nt? ?? d???nd?nt ?n so many f??t?r?, ?t ?? ????nt??l to have ??ur eligibility assessed b? a l???n??d ?mm?gr?t??n ?dv???r to ?v??d ???tl? d???????ntm?nt.

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