Now it is Simpler and Faster to Get Canadian Student Visa

Do you have a plan to study at a college in Canada? Then there is great news for you. Canada has launched faster and easier processing of visa for international students from India and 3 other nations. Below the new programe, your permits of study will be processed less than 45 days as changed to the early 60-day period. The Student Direct Stream (SDS) programme will be accessible to students appealing for a study permit from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) declared on June 8, 2018. "Students from those nations who prove upfront that they have the financial resources and skills of language to achieve success academically in Canada will profit from quicker processing times," said IRCC. As per announcement on June 8, 2018, the preceding Student Partnership Program (SPP) in India was replaced with the programme of SDS. The new SDS programme restores current facilitation programmes for China, India,  the Philippines, and Vietnam students.

To be a member of the SDS and to profit from advanced processing, you will  present proof that:

  • You need to accepted by a qualified post-secondary preferred learning institute (DLI)
  • The first year tuition fee paid
  • You have received a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 from one of the financial institutions authorized by the IRCC to implement this service
  • The upfront medical examination must be completed
  • The minimum score of IELTS required is 6.0 for language ability of English in all categories (listening, reading, writing and speaking)

Essential things to identify while applying under Student Direct Stream:

1) You must meet further requirements like levels of language that are stringent than usual requirements of study permit to qualify for SDS, as per official release from IRCC's. 2) You are able to apply if you're a resident legally in India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. If you live in the different country even though you're a citizen of one of those four nations, then you need to implement through the general study permit process of application, said by the IRCC official website. 3) If you move or modify your address, telephone number or any additional contact information after you apply, you should notify to the IRCC.

New Programme Essential Facts

1) The SDS is meant for qualified international students who aspire to study at a post-secondary (college) institution in Canada. 2) The SDS will contribute quicker and easier visa processing to global students best placed to finish their academic studies. It will be a single programme across the four countries mentioned earlier in Asia. 3) The SDS is welcoming to all global students agreeing to go to any in Canadian designated learning institution (DLI), including both publicly-funded and post-secondary institutions which are private. 4) For SDS applications of study permit, the processing time will be an assisted 45 days or less. For applications of non-SDS, these will be subjected to regular processing times. 5) Applicants get an advantage from SDS for the even quicker processing times, and it is recommended strongly that SDS candidates apply online.

Status of your Application with IRCC

Scenario1: Approved 1) It will give you an introduction letter. You require to show this letter to the immigration official when you enter Canada. This is not your study permit. 2) It will further give you a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) for Candian entry. The visa will be in your passport. You should enter Canada prior to it expires. 3) The is valid of study permit is until the end of your school programme. Scenario2: Rejected It will give you a letter clarifying why you were denied. If you have questions about why you were denied, reach the visa office that sent the rejection letter.

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