Oz Educational Institutions witnessed 12 % rise in International student enrolments in 2016

Oz Educational Institutions witnessed 12 % rise in International student enrolments in 2016Higher educational instructions in Australia witnessed a significant rise in international student enrolments in 2016. The Department of Education and Training (DET) has released data pertaining to the student enrolments that reveals that the enrolments went up by 12 percent in 2016, as compared to the same in 2015.

The Year-to-Date data released by DET also discloses that new students enrolling for a particular course at certain institutions, as well as commencements, went up by 11 percent in October 2016. According to the statistical calculations, the numbers released by the Department of Education and Training are alarmingly higher than the numbers claimed by institutions and Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Australian DET states that, “International student enrolment data generally does not represent the number of overseas students in Australia or the number of student visas issued in different countries. Instead, data counts actual course enrolments. The exception is the data at the beginning of a month which represents a close approximation to the number of students enrolled on that day,”

The possibility is that an individual student could be in the count more than once. For instance, a student can enroll twice during the same educational period by enrolling in an English language program before moving on to a graduation program.

According to the sources in higher education department, 30 percent of total enrolments in Australia are accounted by international students. Australia’s Department of Education and Training has reported that higher educational institutions have seen 13 percent growth until October 2016, followed by Vocational program institutes at 12 percent. Consolidated data shows that international student enrolments in these institutes are about 70 percent in October 2016.

In data calculated from 2013, international student enrolments in Australia have gone up by 36 percent. Most of the international students are from Asian countries. As per statistics, about nine out of 10 countries in Asia are sending its students to Australia.

Out of total Asian students, 28 percent of them are from China, followed by India at 11 percent. While Students from Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand are at 4 percent. Brazil is the only non-Asian country that accounts for 4 percent of total international student enrolments. Surprisingly, Brazil tops the list of Growth from 2013 with 65 percent of total enrolments followed by India at 63 percent and Nepal in third position with 58 percent.

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