Requirements to obtain Austria Red White Red Card ?

Austria-Red-White-Red-Card-for-Skilled-ProfessionalsAustria has launched a new Scheme for applicants who want to migrate to Austria, That is Austria Red White Red Card and its main goal is to assist the immigration of skilful third-country workers and their families with a point of view to permanent settlement  in Austria based on the labor market criteria.

Austria Red-White-Red Card is issued for a span of twelve months and also entitled with the holder to the fixed-term settlement with employment by a designated employer. What are the eligible requirements to obtain Red White Red Card?
  • Qualified Highly skilled Workers
  • Self-Employed key workers
  • Workers in Shortage occupations
  • Graduates who belong to Austria’s colleges and universities
Austria immigration is based on the point-based calculator, there are few requirements for this system. They are:
  • Proof of Proficiency of the German language or English
  • Work Experience
  • Educational qualifications
  • Age group
Apart from this, there are few eligibility criteria for highly skilled workers and Shortage occupations they are:
  • Highly qualified professionals can apply for six-month visa to search a job with the desired condition of 70 score points
  • Applicant must score minimum 50 points for Shortage occupations
These are the requirements and the eligibility criteria for Austria in order to obtain Austria Red White Red Card. For more updates follow us on Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin

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