Rio Olympics 2016 – The Torch Lights Up Again

Rio Olympics 2016History sings the saga of Olympics every four years in a different country, this time it is BRAZIL! The Olympics in Rio are going to start today (5th August) at 20:00 BRT (4:30 A.M IST 6th August). It will be inaugurated at Macana Stadium, which has a capacity of seating 80,000 spectators. The finest Brazilian entertainers will be performing; an outstanding artistic program is to be expected! The best part is, the legendary football player Pele will be lighting the Olympic flame. Competing nations will follow each other in alphabetical order, but the parade will be led by Greece. The motto of Olympics is to “Live your Passion”. People across the world are looking up to it and the most anticipated folks are right here…in India! Cheering all the contestants in every sport category; every Indian is rooting for the participants who have practiced so hard to get to the ‘Olympic’ level. The epic Olympics started way back. It is said that it is started in Olympia (Greece) back in 776 BC. It is also said that the founder of Olympics was ‘Pelops’. The games were said to be conducted to find sportsmen who competed with each other to showcase their talent in every category of sport. Men from several other countries would come to participate. The trend has not changed since then. One more thing which has not changed is the Olympic Flame. Olympic flame’s first appearance in the modern world is dated back to 1928 in Amsterdam. A huge structure was built (a tower) and the flame was lit on its peak. Later the ‘Torch Relay Race’ started, which was an inspiration from ancient days. A torch bearer would run with a burning torch and it will pass through several cities to reach the required destination on the day of actual games. The same process went on for many years. When the games reached a global level, the torch was made airborne. Every time it entered a city, a cauldron was lit. It has gone to the extreme levels of passing the torch, for example by swimming, rowing etc. the honor of bearing the flame was only for men until 12 October 1968. Enriqueta Basilio Sotelo, was the first woman to bear the torch of Olympics. In 1992, the ‘Migration of the Torch’ was done to the city of Barcelona. The Barcelona Torch relay was the most creative one. Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo shot a burning arrow and lit the cauldron with it. In 2000 the torch migrated underwater! It was also taken underwater from one Pacific island to the next, en route to Australia, from Guam to New Zealand, from Papua - New Guinea to the Cook Islands, from Micronesia to Tonga, and from Vanuatu to Samoa. The last ceremony of torching the cauldron occurred in 2012, in London. The Torch of Olympics has gone through many years and the pattern of lighting the cauldron kept changing. This time it is in Rio, and everyone around the world will be looking forward for all the wonderful programs they have decided to conduct for us.

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