Sigmund Freud University – Austria

Want to Become a Psychotherapist Get Trained In AustriaDoes it sound strange if I suggest studying Psychotherapy in Austria? Well, which could be better than the country where the Father of Psychology was born, raised and lived. For those of you who do not know who I am talking about, Sigmund Freud revolutionized the study of Psychology.

Sigmund Freud is famous for his controversial theory of the psychological development of humans and his understanding of the human mind. He compared the human mind to an iceberg, where our consciousness in only the tip and the rest is the subconscious – a collection of our memories and experiences. The subconscious gets projected in our dreams. He also gave the concept of Id, Ego, and Superego that transformed the discipline of Psychology.

Sigmund Freud University

An institution established in his honor – Sigmund Freud University is entirely dedicated to education in Psychotherapy and Psychology. You have the options of undergraduate, postgraduate, research masters and doctoral programs.

The Baccalaureate or Bachelor’s program is a six-semester or three-year program in Psychotherapy. A high school diploma is enough to apply for this program.

The Master’s program is for four semesters or two years. You need a Bachelor’s in Psychotherapy to be eligible for this course.

The Research Master’s program is a two-semester program. If you have a Bachelor’s in Psychology or any other branch of Psychology, you can pursue this program.

Like any other Doctoral program, your application will require a research proposal, postgraduate degree, and relevant experience.Once you get your admission in the university, you can apply for Austria’s student visa.

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