Sikh Saves Drowning Girl in Canada

Bravery of an Indian Appreciated by Canadian PMWould you hold on to your religious sentiment or break it to save someone? How would you feel when your Prime Minister recognizes your action and applauds you on social networking?

Avtar Hothi is a 65-year-old farmer who lives Kamloops, British Columbia. He is a Sikh and follows his religion diligently. According to their belief system, it is unlawful for a Sikh man to reveal his hair in public.

Hothi has a family farm in Heffley Creek, just north of Kamloops. Last Saturday, when Hothi and his son Paul were working in their farm, they heard someone crying for help. They rushed to the bank of the river and saw a young woman struggling against the strong current.  When they could not find any branches, Hothi immediately took off his turban and flung into the water to pull her to shore. The turban doubled as a rope making it easier to pull the girl on to the shore.

The girl must have been around 15 years old and no one knows how she fell into the water. She was in a state shock due to the freezing cold water when she got out of the water. As she was freezing , they quickly wrapped her in a blanket and Hothi gave a ride to her grandmother’s home, which was a few minutes from their farm.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was impressed by this act of bravery and felt that it needed to be recognized, irrespective of which country he originated. He tweeted about this incident, encouraging people to read how someone  broke rules in the spirit of humanity.

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