Skilled workers can reside and work under Hong Kong QMAS scheme

Hong Kong QMAS VisaHong Kong is among the most favoured places across the globe to reside and work. Hong Kong is located in Southern Coast of China.  The country is known for its excellent infrastructure, better standard of living, increased GDP, increased human growth index and less taxation etc.

If an individual seeking to migrate to Hong Kong with proper education qualification and work experience, then they are considered to be eligible to avail a Hong Kong visa according to the Skilled Migrant Policy of Hong Kong.

One of the schemes is known as Quality Migration Admission Scheme, it is an entrant scheme based on points meant for skilled individuals who seek to reside in Hong Kong for exploring job and business startup chances.

To secure entry in Hong Kong under this scheme, you should initially satisfy the basic eligibility requirement, and then you need to pass few points based tests and complete the allocation of quota with other candidates.  Under this scheme, around 1000 candidates might get entry into Hong Kong every year.  You are permitted to bring in your spouse and dependent kids whose ages should be below 18.

Basic Eligibility Requirement

  • Age- Your age should be 18 years or more when you are applying for this scheme.
  • Financial condition- You should be able to show that you are able to support and accommodate yourself and your dependents on your financial resources without depending on any help from government in Hong Kong.
  • Fine Character- Make sure you are not having any criminal record.
  • Proficiency in Language- You should be proficient in Chinese or English Language.
  • Basic academic qualification- You must have a good background in education.
  • Those candidates who had satisfied the eligibility requirements should also need to pass out the points based tests like Achievement-based Points Test or General Points Test.

Achievement-based Points Test has been designed for people with exceptional skills or talent and also to those who got outstanding achievements. There is only one point scoring factor of 165 points under this test that is rewarded if you got an award or you could proof that your work has been appreciated by your peers or you have contributed extensively to the development of your field.

Under General Points Based Test, there are five scoring factors connecting to your academic qualification, age, job experience, proficiency in the language and your family background. The least passing marks are 80 out of utmost of 165 points.

Documents Checklist for this scheme

Application form filled up by you

A copy of your passport

Copy of China’s ID card

Dependent visa application form with supporting documents

Copy of evidence like statement from bank, proficiency in language, educational certificates, job preference letter, job contract and important career accomplishments.

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