Study in Greece? Are You Sure?

Study in Greece, Are You SureDo you know who Socrates, Aristotle and Pythagoras are?  (These are only a few names from the top of my head) Do you know why they are famous? Philosophy, Politics, Literature, Education, Mathematics, Science… oh the list goes on! What we call education today has its roots in Greece. Democracy and Republics have their roots in Grecian philosophy.

How cool would it be to Study in Greece? You could flaunt your affinity to the origin of modern society! Now to flaunt that relationship you need to study there. How do you know what is good and not?

Well, we are here just to do that!

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

This university offers undergraduate courses in Engineering, Architecture and Mathematics. Also, they offer some insane programs which are inter-departmental in their postgraduate programs. Aspiring engineers, here is a great learning opportunity for you. There are unique courses offered here which you may not find in most universities

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Do you wonder about our existence? Have an inclination towards the arts? Welcome to place where the greatest philosophers were born. The philosophy faculty in this university has courses that you would not have even heard of, such as Philology. Did you know that a subject called philology exists? Turns out, it is the study of how languages came into existence and the relationships among them. This piqued my interest. How about you? If it did, then you could consider this university. Apart from philosophy, there are other courses in theology, sciences and engineering to choose from as well.

University of Crete 

This university has Philosophy and Social Sciences, Medicine, Science and Engineering programs. The best programs offered in this university are those that fall under the natural sciences.

Was Greece tempting enough?

Assuming the answer is yes; Are you wondering how to get there?

Once you get your admissions from the universities, you can apply for a Greece student visa otherwise known as type D visa of the Schengen Scheme.  This will depend on your course and duration of stay as well. The best way to get this done is through our consultancy that can help you to Migrate to Greece.

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