Study Technology or Management in ItalyMost of you are planning to study further either in Management or Engineering and Technology. Sometimes trying for universities in mainstream countries proves to be futile. Instead of getting disheartened, you could look for colleges in other countries like Italy.

Italy is not only the land of beautiful architecture and pizza. There are good universities in this country that fall in the top 25 for courses in Technology, and Management. There are two universities I will elaborate on – one for Engineering and Technology the other for Management.

Politecnico, Milan

Established in 1863, this institute is one of the top 25 universities for Engineering. Politecnico is located in Milan, famous for its football club. You have various courses in engineering ranging from Aerospace to Telecom only in the undergraduate programs. In the postgraduate programs, you have courses like space engineering, geoinformatics, yacht and vessel cruising design, etc. in addition to the conventional programs. They even have courses in Architecture. What could be a better place that Italy itself to study architecture! This university also provides Ph.D. programs in Engineering.

Bocconi University

In 1902, Ferdinando Bocconi gave a generous contribution to founding the Bocconi University in honor of his son Luigi Bocconi. This is the first Italian college to have an undergraduate program in Economics. This school of Economics has undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs in all fields of economics, management, and commerce as well as law. Bocconi University is one of the top 25 B-Schools in the world.

Apart from the regular masters program, they have something called the Specialized Masters Program. This program has two English courses – one in Economics & Finance known as MAFINRISK - Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Public utilities and one in Transportation and Environmental Services MaGER - Master in Green Management, Energy, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

You can apply for either of the universities depending on your preference, and once you get admitted, you can apply for a visa. As Italy is part of the Schengen area, you will require a Schengen Student Visa.

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