Focus and motivation are of great help, in finding a right jobs in Canada(Canada PR). It’s important to plan thoroughly so you can accomplish this crucial part of the moving process. Please read these tips understand them, and also use them, to get success. 1 Your Resume /CV Carefully read the Resume Format before sending it to employers. It must be neat and smart to create an impact. A resume creates an important and strong first impression, while applying for jobs. Read some interview questions before going for an interview. 2 Have a selective approach Adopt a selective approach in job search. Furthermore, do not send the same resume and cover letter to many companies. It is better to have an informational interview or Networking, to be effective. 3 Be enthusiastic Have a contact in the company and follow up in a week after submitting resume to show your interest. Send a Thank-you email after the interview happens.  You can also send a Hand-written note. 4 Get an endorsement Having a strong reference makes it easy to find a job in Canada. Please obtain employment references from the country of origin beforehand. Provide them, when they are relevant and effective. 5 Use some tools Make a good use of LinkedIn. It’s a professional and fast-growing tool. Set up your online resume and also start the networking. Many employers and recruiters use it every day for sourcing candidates. Learn the tips and methods to be successful in using LinkedIn. 6 Learn the art of networking By effective networking you can gain an insight and have a set of good contacts. This also helps in the social and professional spheres. Conduct a Research regarding the networking events and ask the contacts about ways to meet more people in a specific field. Moreover, a majority of positions are not filled by advertising publicly. Read regarding Networking tips. Get your name across the industry so that employers remember you when a job is available.  Also, inform all the local contacts that you are looking for work. It is wise to build new contacts. Volunteering is a good way to expand the local network of contacts. Find volunteer opportunities to meet people of all sections of the society. 7  Help Take help. Being determined and proactive gets good results. Send an Email to the person who offers help and also thank them for guidance. 8 Get an accreditation Many Professions like physiotherapy, teaching, and nursing, require accreditation in Canada and also involve a period of six months.  Do proper research and planning. 9 Remain confident   The process of moving to a new country requires patience and confidence. Believe in yourself strongly. Have a good body language and make small adjustments to it, if necessary. 10 The last tip Check with the local library, regarding hosting of sessions for getting jobs in a particular area. For more help you can contact us. We help our clients to find jobs in Canada. We bring facts, figures and reports for the benefit of many persons. Please contact us for any guidance or details.

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