The Dream Destination – Study in Switzerland

The Dream Destination – Study in SwitzerlandSnow-capped mountains, Swiss cheese, splendid infrastructure and rich heritage – Switzerland does sound dreamy.  Apart from its beauty, Switzerland is famous for catering and management courses, especially hotel and hospitality management. They also have the finest courses in advanced technology and innovation and it is easy to convince you to think of Migrating to Switzerland which we can guide better.

Procedure To Apply

Before you plan to apply for a visa, make sure that you have been accepted into a university or registered institution. Swiss study visas fall under the Schengen Visa categories. There are two types of visas you can apply for:

Type C visa

Type C visa is applicable for courses whose duration is shorter than three months.

What you require

You need to first apply for a Type C visa. The documents you require are as follows:

  • You should have a valid passport which has a minimum of three months left for expiration
  • You must produce documentation that showcases sufficient funds to support your stay in Switzerland. This could include cash, traveler’s checks, international account check books, credit cards etc.
  • You must have proof regarding your accommodation, if there is no proof of sufficient funds to support yourself
  • You should carry two recent passport-sized photos (dimensions 3.5cms X 4.5cms)
  • Present your travel itinerary
  • Provide valid medical/travel insurance that covers your entire stay in Switzerland
  • Produce the letter of acceptance from your university
  • Carry the bank receipt of the processing fee

Type D visa

Type D visa is applicable for courses whose duration is longer than three months.

Once you reach Switzerland, you can apply for the residence permit that helps you obtain the type D visa. These are the options for residence permits for you to choose from:

Permit L (short-term residence permit) is valid for one year and can be renewed up to 24 months.

Permit B (initial or temporary residence permit) is valid for one year, which can be renewed indefinitely depending on your university course. There are a limited number of these permits and comes with certain restrictions.

Permit C (settlement permit) allows permanent residency in Switzerland and is usually issued after 10 years of residence.

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