The New RAISE act may benefit Indian professionalsOn Aug 3 Donald Trump announced that he would support the legislation, that put forth to cut down half of the legal immigrants that are allowed into the US.

This legislation would move toward the “merit based system” where it would be favoring the candidates for residency cards who would have a good English speaking skills.

If this legislation would be passed by the congress and signed into law, then the legislation that is titled as RAISE – Reforming American Immigration for strong Employment would greatly benefit technology and highly educated professionals mainly from countries like India.

The current lottery system would get abandoned by the RAISE act, which helps to get into the US and instead the green card can be obtained using a point based system. Different aspects that would be taken into account in this act is the age, education, English language skills and high-paying job offers.

Trump claimed by supporting the Raise Act that “This RAISE act would probably help to increase the wages, reduce poverty and save taxpayers money. This would be done by changing the basic procedures for the issuance of US green card to the candidates from other countries. Green cards provide work authorization, fast track to citizen and permanent residency”.

Supporting the top authors of the bill – Senator David Perdue and Tom Cotton, Trump said, this act ends the Chain migration, and the new point based system is replaced by the low skilled system for receiving a green card.

This application process will favor applications who can financially support themselves and their families, can speak English, and demonstrate skills that would in turn help in contributing the economy.

This RAISE act would protect the US workers from getting displaced and at the same time prevent new immigration to the USA.

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