The Process of Immigrating to Austria and Eligibility of Applicants

The Process of Immigrating to Austria and Eligibility of Applicants

First-time applicants are allowed to apply for residence in Austria only if the individual is living abroad and can make the application in person. In the application, the individual wishing to migrate to Austria has to give detailed information about the purpose of residence in the country.

The application will be deemed inadmissible if the applicant files several applications simultaneously, the applications cover different purposes of residence and if additional applications are filed while results have not been released on pending applications.

However, the right to a residence cannot be granted to an individual if the application filed goes past the time he/she is allowed to stay in the country. This means that the individual will have to leave Austria once this validity period is over and wait for the results abroad.

Individuals that are eligible to apply for Austria residence permits include foreign citizens within 6 months after they have lost their Austrian citizenship, foreign citizens within 6 months after their period of lawful settlement in the country has ended, graduates from any Austrian university lawfully living in the country with a certificate, children that are within six months after being born and their mother has a valid residence permit in Austria.

Apart from that, foreign citizens who have the right to enter Austria without a visa during the time when they are permitted to stay without a visa can also apply for residence while those applying for residence as researchers can also apply for the visa together with their family members.

The requirements for applying for this residence permit include a number of items such as an adequate source of finance to sustain the applicant in the country. This means that the applicant has to have fixed and regular income that is set by the state and it is €882.78 for singles, €1323.58 for couples and €136.21 for each child. Apart from that, the applicant also has to have health insurance cover that will provide him/her health benefits when living in the country.

The applicant also has to show proof that he/she owns accommodation that is adequate for both him/her and the family in accordance with local Austrian standards. In this case, the lease of the accommodation property has to be provided and should match the number of people that the applicant will be planning to move in with.

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