Hardly one week remains in the opening of Silver Fern Job Search Visa which is a popular visa for New Zealand. It is scheduled to open on November 30, 2017, and has a target to accept 300 new applications from applicants. There is a huge demand for this type of visa, and it is widely believed that it will close within hours of opening. It is wise to get the immigration file ready in advance and submit it online for acceptance.

Get your Immigration File ready

Prepare the file well in advance for this intake and consult an expert in the activity. The Expert will keep the file assessed in advance and accordingly help you in submitting the application in the earliest and preliminary hours as it is expected to get closed soon.

Benefits of Silver Fern Visa

The New Zealand Government has devised this visa especially for the young and skilled professionals who dream of to living and working in New Zealand. This has 9 months validity and if the aspirants can find a skilled job for a long-term in the country they can apply for residence in New Zealand using the Skilled Migrant category.

This visa gives its holders the following rights:

  • Coming to New Zealand and searching for a skilled job,
  • Working with any employer in any occupation,
  • Applying for residence on getting a long-term skilled employment offer.

Important requirements while applying for Silver Fern Visa

The major requirements are:

  • Age between 20 – 35 years
  • Agreeing to find long-term skilled job in the country
  • Staying outside New Zealand while applying for the visa
  • Remaining in good health and having good character
  • Having enough funds to support the stay and also to purchase return ticket
  • Having valid qualification equal to a bachelor’s degree in New Zealand and a trade certificate
  • Having IELTS score at least 6.5
  • Not having an approval in the past for this visa

Why apply for this visa quickly

The limit kept for the applicants is low and the demand, as well as the response for this visa, is huge. In all likelihood, it will be grabbed up in hours of opening. An applicant cannot include partners and dependents in this visa application.

All candidates interested to prepare their immigration file and apply for the visa can contact us for guidance, and for an answer to queries.

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