Tips to Juggle Work and Study

Study in Australia for Higher EducationIn most countries abroad, education is expensive. You need to work and study. Australia is no different. If you are not used to juggling both, then there is a possibility that your studies will get hampered. After spending all that money, you don’t want to be a college dropout, do you?

Here are a few tips to juggle work.


Plan and prioritize

Use a planner and allocate time for work and studies and other activities. Make sure that all your commitments along with studies fit in together. As tempting as it is to party all weekend, do set some time for your homework and assignments. On the flip side, don’t get married to your books all weekend. You need a break too.

Communicate with your study group

Within the first week, you will most likely become part of a study group. Stay in touch with them to make sure that you are up-to-date with the homework and assignments. They are always counted for your overall grades. Regroup with your study buddies regularly.

Reward yourself

Every time you complete the activities you planned for the day or the week, reward yourself. Go hang out with friends or party or whatever you enjoying doing. It will motivate you better.

Set up a study corner

Make sure that you are away from all kinds of distractions – Facebook, Twitter, 9gag, phone calls, roommates or family members. Keep all your study material in one place so that it’s easy to find your things after a long day.

Your brain needs a break

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl.” Your planner should have some time for recreation. It could be a hobby, hanging out, playing sports or anything else that helps you unwind. Your school will definitely have extra-curricular activities that you must take part. Make the most of this.

Be mentally prepared before traveling to Australia to study. Hope these tips help you. For more information on Australian Study Visa visit

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